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1 Monopoli - Via Perrini Special cover
Via Peroscia, 37, 70043 Monopoli BA, Italy
2 Otranto - Corso Garibaldi 37 Special cover
Corso Garibaldi, 37, 73028 Otranto LE, Italy
3 Locorotondo - Elderly Social Center Special cover
Via Morelli, 20, 70010 Locorotondo BA, Italy
4 Kyoto - a direction sign pointing to sites in the city Special cover
570-7 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0074, Japan
5 Kyoto -a direction sign pointing to city streets Special cover
527 Tenshōjimaechō, Nakagyō-ku, Kyoto, 604-8081, Japan
6 Cusco - Calle Espinar Special cover
Del Medio 130-A, Cusco 08002, Peru
7 Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu District) - PLAZA DE MACHUPICCHU PUEBLO Special cover
Calle Colla Raymi N°102 (Plaza Manco Cápac, Aguas Calientes, Peru
8 Lalibela - the direction to Asheten Maryam Monastery
Unnamed Road, ላሊበላ, Ethiopia
9 Putignano - Via Forno S. Nicola
Via Estramurale a Mezzogiorno, 144, 70017 Putignano BA, Italy
10 Potignano - a sign for the nearby towns
Via Estramurale a Mezzogiorno, 90, 70017 Putignano BA, Italy
11 Monopoli - Via S. Leonardo 11
Via S. Leonardo, 11, 70043 Monopoli BA, Italy
12 Locorotondo - Via Morelli, 26
Via Morelli, 26, 70010 Locorotondo BA, Italy
13 Locorotondo - a memorial plaque for the Italian soldiers who fell in the battle of Dogali
Via Morelli, 26, 70010 Locorotondo BA, Italy
14 Lecce - Via Pietro Belli
Via Idomeneo, 66, 73100 Lecce LE, Italy
15 Otranto - Via Ferraris
Via Melorio, 30, 73028 Otranto LE, Italy
16 Gallipoli - Via S. Angelo
Via Sant’Angelo, 6, 73014 Gallipoli LE, Italy
17 Otranto - a memorial plaque to the citizens of the city who fell in the First World War
Via D’Aragona A., 20, 73028 Otranto LE, Italy
18 Cusco - Plazoleta Jesús Lambarri
Plazoleta Jesús Lambarri, Sunturwasi 394, Cusco 08002, Peru
19 Cusco - Route to Antisuyo Trek
Choqechaka 207A, Cusco 08002, Peru

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