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401 Ramot HaShavim - The intersection of HaMeyasdim and Limon Streets (2)
Ha-Meyasdim St 1, Ramot HaShavim, Israel
402 Ashkelon - Sderot Drom Africa
Sderot Drom Afrika 4, Ashkelon, Israel
403 Herzliya - Hadar and Yigal Alon intersection
Hadar St 10, Herzliya, Israel
404 Lod - Sderot David HaMelech - Old sign
Sderot David HaMelech 13, Lod, Israel
405 Rosh Haayin - HaBanim Street
HaBanim St 1, Rosh Haayin, Israel
406 Ashkelon - Moshe Kol Street - A sign with a rounded edge
Rambam St 14, Ashkelon, Israel
407 Neve Yamin - Ha-Fikus Street
Ha-Fikus St 142, Neve Yamin, Israel
408 Kfar Haim - the intersection of the HaDerech LaYam and HaMigdal
8, Kfar Haim, Israel
409 Hadar Am - Ha-Rishonim Street
Ha-Rishonim St 2, Hadar Am, Israel
410 Tayibe - Balal Ben Rabah Street
Northern Exit from Ring, Tayibe, Israel
411 Kfar Monash - Tractor lane
Derekh ha-Traktor, Kfar Monash, Israel
412 Tzofit - HaBeer Road
5503, Israel
413 Ramot HaShavim - Beit ha-Am Street
Beit ha-Am St 2, Ramot HaShavim, Israel
414 Hofit - the intersection of Sheldag and Almog streets
Ha-Shaldag St 33, Hofit, Israel
415 Tayibe - 76th Street
Tapu’ah Pais, Tayibe, Israel
416 Beit Herut - HaMadgera Street
HaMadgera St 2, Beit Herut, Israel
417 Kfar Vitkin - Derech HaKfar
HaMahlava St 109, Kfar Vitkin, Israel
418 Tel Yitzhak - Khoma u-Migdal Street
Khoma u-Migdal St, Tel Yitzhak, Israel
419 Ramot Hashavim - Sharet Street
Beit ha-Am St 2, Ramot HaShavim, Israel
420 Petah Tikva - Tel Hai St
Tel Hai St 1, Petah Tikva, Israel
421 Gan Haim - Harimon St
Harimon St 1, Gan Haim, Israel
422 Batzra - Yonek ha-Dvash St
Yonek ha-Dvash St 12, Batzra, Israel
423 Kfar Yedidya - the intersection of Ficus Street and Ha-Meyasdim Street
Ha-Meyasdim St 2, Kfar Yedidia, Israel
424 Ramot Hashavim - HaKerem Street
HaKerem St 1, Ramot HaShavim, Israel
425 Marsala (Sicily) - Via Garibaldi
Piazza dell’Addolorata, 8, 91025 Marsala TP, Italy

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers site

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