There are 15 signs in the city Holon:       Show on map Thumbnails mode

1 Holon - Junction Yerushalayim Blvd. and Maalot Street
Jerusalem ave./Moshe Sharet, Holon, Israel
2 Holon - Junction Jerusalem Blvd. and Hamelacha street
Alufei Tsahal St 2, Holon, Israel
3 Holon - Junction Sokolov Street and Krauze Street
Eliyahu Krauze St 47, Holon, Israel
4 Holon - Very National Junction - Alufey Tzahal Street and Jerusalem Blvd.
Alufei Tsahal St 2, Holon, Israel
5 Holon - A direction sign for sites in the city
Yerushalim Ave/Moshe Sharet, Holon, Israel
6 Holon - Heritage Sites in Israel - HaShiva Square
Ze’ev Jabotinsky St 20, Holon, Israel
7 Holon - Heritage Sites in Israel - Savoy cafe
Sokolov St 88, Holon, Israel
8 Holon - A direction sign for streets and neighborhoods in the city
Yerushalayim Blvd/Moshe Sharett, Holon, Israel
9 Holon - Sokolov Nahum Street
Sokolov/Krauze, Holon
10 Holon - Sokolov 95
Sokolov St 95, Holon, Israel
11 Holon - Map of the city
Sokolov St 87, Holon, Israel
12 Holon - Heritage Sites in Israel - Local Council House
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda St 18, Holon, Israel
13 Holon - Heritage Sites in Israel - Amanut print house
Frug St 6, Holon, Israel
14 Holon - Heritage Sites in Israel - The Water Tower on Azar Street
Azar St 9, Holon, Israel
15 Holon - Haim Weizman Street 29
Haim Weizman St 29, Holon, Israel

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