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Signs series: Street signs in old Jaffa

About the series


The 12 zodiac signs are a central motif in Old Jaffa. In addition to the alleys named after the zodiac, there is the Wishing Bridge , on whose railing are reliefs of the 12 zodiac Click for a larger image and legend has it that whoever holds his zodiac and looks at The sea - his wish comes true as well as the Zodiac Fountain where there are statues symbolizing the 12 zodiac signs (and here too the legend tells one can express wishes).
Even in the alleys of the city, there is a belief that a wish that is requested in the alley that carries the applicant’s zodiac sign - will come true.

There does not seem to be a definite reason for using the zodiac motif, it is likely that wanting to change the names of the streets that were in Arabic or simply included a street number, a central motif was decided upon.

The street signs were made by the painter and sculptor Ruth Zarfati who designed them from glazed ceramics, and even awarded her a silver medal in 1972 at a world design exhibition held in Milan. (Ruth who lived in Tel Aviv won a commemorative sign with her husband on the street where she lived (where the house number is designed in the same style) )

About the signs

The street signs are made of ceramics, including the name of the street, an illustration that symbolizes luck and some astrological signs. The shape of the signs is close to the rectangle, but deliberately different from sign to sign. The signs seem to have been made by hand, since signs in the same alley are slightly different from each other, as shown on the website.

Most of the street signs bear the name of the zodiac, but there are also other signs designed in the same format: Simon the Tannery Alley , the zodiac path (in which illustrations of the 12 zodiac signs appear) and Kikar Kedumim .

Also on the signs bearing only the house number is an illustration symbolizing the sign: Taurus Alley 9 , Pisces 8 etc. In the number of the house on Netiv HaMazalot Street, all the zodiac signs appear (just like on the street sign) .

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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