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Signs series: Plaques of artists who lived in Tel Aviv

About the series

About the project

Commemoration of the artists who lived and worked in the city of Tel Aviv is also called "In this house" after Bracha Ne’eman. The name of the project is taken from the text that appears at the top of each of the signs: "In this house lived / operated / created", and Bracha Ne’eman who was the project manager.

The project was first started in 2000 and is similar to projects in other major cities around the world, such as the "Blue Memorial Plaques" in London and the like. The project places a memorial plaque on the homes of writers, painters, sculptors, actors, composers and artists from other fields who lived or worked in the city of Tel Aviv.

Streets full of artists
As can be seen on the map, there are streets where there was a concentration of artists: the streets of Frug and Dov-Hoz (parallel to Dizengoff Street) in which lived, among others Aharon Meskin and Raphael Klatchkin , the Bertonov family , Shimon Finkel and Bat Ami Pugatchov , Yaffa Yarkoni , Yemima Avidar Tchernovitz . Yeho’ash Street: Dahlia Ravikovitch , Dan Tsalka and Friedel Stern .

Refusal of the tenants
The placement of the sign depends on the consent of the occupants of the house, and in some cases in light of the objections of the occupants, the signs were placed not on the wall of the house but on the nearby street (for example Alexander Penn ).

Those who are not artists
In some cases, personalities have been commemorated who have contributed greatly to the character of the city of Tel Aviv, even though they are not artists, such as: Moshe Feldenkrais , Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion , city engineer Yaakov Ben-Sira and the initiator of the city of Tel Aviv - Akiva Aryeh Weiss .

About the signs

The signs are usually in a uniform format: the emblem of the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo, the line: in this house lived, the field of art (painter, sculptor, poet, etc.), the artist’s name, year of birth and year of death, And identical text in English.

There is also Yiddish
There is at least one case where under a text in Hebrew and English, a text in another language is also added, this is a sign located on Tashah St 11 in the place of residence of the Yiddish poet Abraham Sutzkever .

Shape and Location
All signs are made of stone and most of them are rectangular in shape. There are cases where the sign was placed on a pillar in the sidewalk (see "Refusal of the tenants" above), in which case the signs are usually bulky (form of prism) as in the case of Alexander Penn and Hanna Rovina .

As mentioned, the signs are usually on the front of the house in question (Jacob Fichman ), sometimes on an inner wall or even inside the stairwell (Arik Lavie , Avraham (Bazik) Ben-Yossef ), and sometimes on a pillar in the garden or Courtyard (Arik Einstein , Assi Dayan , Shmulik Kraus ).

The treatment of houses where more than one artist lived was done in two ways: the artists shared the same sign, for example Aharon Meskin and Raphael Klatchkin (It is probable that they both died before the sign was placed), or that they were commemorated on separate signs, for example in the house at 21 Khisin Street - Aaron Avni and Aaron Ever-Hadani .

Missing signs
Most of the signs are on site. Some of the signs were removed (probably temporarily), due to the "evacuation-construction" momentum in the city of Tel Aviv, and we hope that when the building is completed, the sign will return to its place.

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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