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Signs series: Pictures of Agrobank (Holon) history

About the series

Historical background

The Agrobank neighborhood is one of the first five neighborhoods in the city of Holon. The neighborhood is named after Agrobank - The Agricultural and Building Bank for Palestine Ltd. which in 1932 began to buy land in the area where the neighborhood is located, and then financed all the infrastructure work of establishing the neighborhood.
The name of the bank is to this day found in the curbs of some of the sidewalks of the neighborhood .
The design of the neighborhood was modern and relatively advanced for that period , an example of which is HaShiva Square, which was built in the early days of the neighborhood .
Immediately at the beginning of the construction of the neighborhood, a water tower was erected , which later also served as a defensive position in the War of Independence .
The settlement of the neighborhood began in 1935, in 1936 the owner of the Lodzia textile factory - Arie Shenkar transferred the company’s factory to the neighborhood, an act that provided work for the new residents of the neighborhood .
The neighborhood was guarded by Nissim Fredo (the legendary guard), who even received a commemorative sign in the building where he lived .

probably indicates the neighborhood symbol, and is found on manhole covers located in the neighborhood Drain cover with Agrobank symbol

Agrobank Bank
The Agricultural and Building Bank for Palestine Ltd purchased land in the Tel Aviv, Holon, Hadera and other areas. The bank issued debentures in order to use the funds to purchase land and sell it at reasonable prices .
The bank had one branch (in Tel Aviv), and it closed in the early 1950s.

About the signs

The signs are made of plastic / glass, some are placed on the water tower on Azar Street, and others are on fences in the Krauze garden.
Each sign displays an image, below which is the Agrobank Bank logo (from which the customer’s logo is displayed in the "Agrobank Bank" section) and text related to the image

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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