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Signs series: Outdoor sculpture in Tel Aviv

About the series

Outdoor Sculptures

Outdoor sculptures are a common addition in urban space. These sculptures are accessible to everyone as opposed to works displayed within the walls of museums or galleries. Outdoor sculptures sometimes become one of the city’s symbols, such as the "Make Way for Ducklings" statue located in the Boston Public Park .

In the city of Tel Aviv there are a large number of outdoor sculptures, which are located in squares, public places and sometimes also concentrated in sculpture gardens. A number of artists have contributed many sculptures, among them Yigal Tumarkin , Menashe Kadishman , Emanuel Hatzofe And more.

There are many other outdoor sculptures in Tel Aviv, and some of them even appear on the website. In this category are only sculptures that were placed by the Tel Aviv Municipality.

About the signs

Many of the signs are round signs made of metal with the emblem of the city of Tel Aviv, the name of the artist, the name of the work, the year in which the statue was placed or created and the materials from which it is made .
These signs are usually on the ground, or at the base of the statue.
Other signs are rectangular and are usually located on the base of the statue
Recently (2022) rectangular signs made of plastic were also placed

In the years 2023-2024, a QR code was added to a significant part of the signs which points to the following website map of outdoor sculptures in Tel Aviv
One of the signs in the series:

An example of a site to which a sign is pointing:
Number of signs:

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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