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Signs series: "Land marks" program

About the series


The "Landmarks" program belongs to the Heritage Division of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage and its purpose is the exposure, preservation, restoration and treatment of sites of historical importance in the State of Israel. The program was previously under the Prime Minister’s Office , and later moved to the Jerusalem and Heritage Office .
The plan exists alongside the Council for the Preservation of Sites in Israel, and in many cases the symbol of the plan appears next to the symbol of the Council for the Preservation of Sites .
The initiative to establish the program began with a decision by the Israeli government in 2010 to strengthen the infrastructure of the national heritage. The steering committee for the establishment of the plan was headed by Zvi Hauser, who was then the secretary of the government, and indeed the plan was subordinated to the Prime Minister’s Office.

The definition document of the program, deals with the goals of the program, and the areas in which it will deal:
- The purpose of the program: In parallel with the political and security battles that Israel is facing, the campaign to strengthen the value-based, educational and cultural connection to the country is essential for securing the future of Zionism.
- Archeology, treatment of tens of thousands of archeological sites in the country.
- The heritage of built-up settlement - rural and urban - sites related to the history of Zionism and the establishment of the State of Israel.
- Museums, collections, archives and monuments
- Non-material heritage - mainly assistance to culture, theater, music and more, in these cases, the purpose of the program is to preserve works through digitization, and make them accessible to the general public.

A site belonging to the program is defined as a "national heritage site" just as can be seen in the signs placed on the site .

The program symbol consists of a design of the Star of David and the name of the program in Hebrew and English.

About the signs

There are different types of signs indicating the plan, and some are integrated with signs of other parties. In general, these are sites that will be budgeted by the "Landmarks" program.
The basic sign is square with the plan symbol and an indication that it is a national heritage site . This sign will usually be accompanied by additional signs, describing the site
Another sign also contains a picture, but like the previous sign it does not contain information about the site, only the institutions responsible for its preservation .
The plan appears on signs on the Council for the Preservation of Sites in Israel, sometimes on signs depicting the site Or on a sign indicating only the fact that the plan assisted in the restoration of the site (House of the Lord - Tel Mond ).
One of the signs in the series:

An example of a site to which a sign is pointing:
Number of signs:

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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