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Sign: Gan Shmuel - The gate to the large courtyard (restored)

Unnamed Road, Gan Shmuel, Israel
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On the sign:
[QR code]

[תמונה: השער לחצר הגדולה]

השער לחצר הגדולה (משוחזר)
השער נבנה בשנת תרפ"ב (1921) כחלק מהחומר שהקיפה את החצר.
הדרך לגן-שמואל עברה בין הפרדסים בשדרת עצי-שיטה, וכאן הוקם שער הכניסה לנוקדה.
בתחילת שנות השלושים נסלל כביש האבן ("הכביש הלבן") לצד פסי הרכבת. לשם עברה הכניסה הראשית. באמצע שנות ה-40, כאשר נקנו השטחים מצידי התוואי הישן, נסללה דרך הכניסה הנוכחית, אז נהרס השער, ששוחזר מחדש בחג ה-70 לגן-שמואל, בשנת תשנ"א (1991).
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The sign is part of a series of signs depicting buildings in Gan Shmuel’s history

The next photo taken that day shows the restored gate with a sign on it Click for a larger image

The QR code references a YouTube movie describing the gate and concrete wall: Station # 5 - The Concrete Wall and the Gate to the Great Yard - YouTube

Translation of the text on the sign:
[QR code]

[Image: The gate to the big yard]

The gate to the large courtyard (restored)
The gate was built in 1921 as part of the material that surrounded the courtyard.
The road to Gan-Shmuel passed through the orchards on a tree-lined avenue, where the entrance gate was opened.
In the early 1930s, the stone road (the "white road") was paved along the railroad tracks. There, the main entrance passed. In the mid-1940s, when the territories were bought from the sides of the old route, the current entrance was paved, then the gate, which was rebuilt in the 1970s to Gan-Samuel, was demolished in 1991

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