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Sign: Tel Aviv - "Monument for the Pilots" - Outdoor sculpture by Elhanani, Tamuz

Shlomo Lahat Promenade, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל העיר תל אביב יפו
אבא אלחנני, ובנימין תמוז
אנדרטה לזכר הטייסים
בטון פלדת אל-חלד

Aba Elhanani, Benjamin Tamuz
Monument for the Pilots
Concrete and stainless steel

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The sign belongs to the series of signs depicting outdoor sculptures throughout the city of Tel Aviv - Jaffa.

The sculpture on which the sign is pointing was photographed that day Click for a larger image Click for a larger image

A memorial to the two pilots, David Sprinzak and Matityahu Sukenik, who fell with their plane to the sea while defending the shores of Tel Aviv against the Egyptian navy ships during the War of Independence - 1948.

See the memorial rock near the statue and photographed on the day the sign was taken Click for a larger image
With the inscription:
In memory of the pilots who set out to protect the city and the country and did not return
David Ben Yosef Sprinzak May God avenge his blood
Matityahu Ben Lifa Sukenik May God avenge his blood

About the Artists:
Aba Elhanani - Born in Warsaw, Poland (1918-2008), he immigrated to Israel in 1933. An architect whose highlight is his design is the design of the Israeli President’s Residence.
Benjamin Tamuz - Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine (1919-1989), he immigrated to Israel in 1924. Painter and sculptor, but better known as a writer (among his books: Requiem for Na’aman, Minutaur, and many others).
Tammuz’s residence in Tel Aviv was immortalized in the next sign Click for sign's details

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