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Sign: Gedera - The Last Hut

Ha-Biluyim St 19, Gedera, Israel
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On the sign:
הצריף האחרון
בסתיו 1887 החליטו הביל"ויים להקים בתים בנחלותיהם למרות העיכוב בקבלת רישיון הבנייה. לשם כך פירקו את המבנים ששימשו אותם ב"בור הביל"ויים" (מתחם המגורים הראשון), ובנו מהם שישה צריפים. בצריף זה, האחרון שנותר גרה משפחת סברדלוב. הצריף נתרם למועצה על ידי הבנים יגאל ושלום ונשותיהם חנה ומלכה, ובו תצוגה המשקפת את ראשית החיים במושבה.

The Last Hut
In the fall of 1887, the members of Bilu decided to build houses on their land despite the delay in receiving building permits. They therefore dismantled the structures they had used in the "Bilu Pit" (the first place they lived in Gedera) and built six huts out of them. This hut, the last to survive, was home to the Sverdlov family. The hut was donated to the Gedera Local Council by the Sverdlovs’ sons, Yigal and Shalom, and their wives, Hannah and Malka. It now houses an exhibit reflecting early life in the moshava.
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Scattered throughout Gedera are pictures depicting places in the history of the colony, and an explanation of the place.

The hut was photographed that day Click for a larger image

Next to this sign are 4 more pictures:
The Hurwitz family hut
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The Moshava Alarm Bell
The alarm bell was hung at the top of a wooden tower near the synagogue hut. It was rung to announce the start and end of the workday, to summon the inhabitants to meetings and in time of danger, when all would assemble as one to go out to fight the attackers. The bell was purchased from the workshop of the Torah Ve’Avodah vocational school in Jerusalem.
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Hannah and Yigal Sverdlov welcome President Chain Herzog and his wife, Aura, 1985
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Lea Henkin with her daughter Naomi and wuth Uri and Haya Zuckerman, near the Zuckerman family hut, 1895
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The The Bilus pit indicated on the sign is also on the site Click for sign's details

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