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Sign: Givat Haim (Meuhad) - The entrance to the kibbutz

Givat Haim, Israel
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On the sign:
שער הכניסה לקיבוץ
"... ב-14 ביולי 1932 יצאנו ארבעה חברים מחדרה בעגלה עמוסה כלי עבודה ומזונות ליום אחד. כרתנו עצים אחדים מהחורשה שעטרה את החלקה ואמרנו כאן תהיה הכניסה לקיבוץ..." (מתוך ספר גבעת חיים)
כאן חדר הטנק הבריטי ביום המצור על גבעת חיים בנובמבר 1945.
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Sign number 1 from signs scattered throughout the kibbutz, describing the history of the kibbutz

The siege of which the sign is referring to was imposed by the British Mandate authorities on the kibbutz after blowing up British radar stations that detected the illegal ships and a British police station in Givat Olga. The day after the explosion, a siege was imposed on the kibbutz in an attempt to find those responsible for the explosions. While the "Haganah" forces tried to enter the Kibbutz, the British opened fire. As a result, 8 "Haganah" members were killed and 42 were injured.

The next photo taken on the same day by the same photographer shows the sign and its surroundings Click for a larger image

Translation of the text on the sign:
The entrance to the kibbutz
"... On July 14, 1932, four of us left the Hadera settlement in a wagon loaded with work tools and food for one day. We cut down some trees from the grove that adorned the plot and said here would be the entrance to the kibbutz..." (from the book Givat Chaim)
Here the British tank room on the day of the siege of Givat Haim in November 1945.

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