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Sign: Tel Aviv University - Entin Square tiles - "Eureka" (Archimedes)

Chaim Levanon St 64, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:

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Entin Square is at the entrance gate to the Tel Aviv University campus in Ramat Aviv.

The square is studded with cobblestones with quotes, sayings, illustrations or formulas of the great scientists, thinkers and writers.

In the next photo taken that day you can see the square and the way the tiles are laid Click for a larger image

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In the current stone appears the well-known saying of the Greek mathematician and scientist Archimedes (287-212 BC). Archimedes was known as a great mathematician, and found methods for finding areas and volumes of round bodies. He became known as the discoverer of the first law of hydrostatics - Archimedes’ law, the law that says that a body immersed in a liquid acts on a force opposite to the force of gravity,
Legend has it that Archimedes was asked to check whether the crown of King Heron II was made of pure gold, for this he had to measure the volume of the crown, an unsolvable problem at the time. When Archimedes immersed himself in the bath, he discovered that his body rejected an amount of water equal to the volume, and realized that this is how the volumes of bodies can be calculated. Out of enthusiasm he jumped out of the bath naked, and ran through the streets of the city shouting "Eureka!" (I found in Greek).

Three months later, the same square was photographed, during that action it was discovered that a number of pavements had been removed and other pavements had been placed in their place. In this tile the design is different, see the other tile Click for a larger image

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