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Sign: Paris - Gardens - Federico García Lorca Square

34 Voie Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris, France
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On the sign:

Square Federico-García Lorca


Federico García Lorca, né en 1898 à Fuente Vaqueros, près de Grenade, est un homme de lettres, peintre et musicien. Très jeune, il s’engage auprès des avant-gardes artistiques de Madrid. Son recueil poétique Romancero Gitano, paru en 1928 exalté la sensualité et le désir de liberté, aussi bien dans la forme littéraire qu’au sens politique. Entre 1931 et 1936, sous la République, il dirige la troupe La Barraca, qui joue dans les provinces rurales. Il écrit pendant cette période sa trilogie dramatique Noces de song, Yerma et La maison de Bernarda Alba.
Lorsqu’éclate la guerre d’Espagne, il est menacé en raison de ses convictions républicaines et de son homosexualité. Arrêté par les troupes franquistes le 19 août 1936, il est assassiné au bord d’une route proche de Víznar (Andalousie).
Ce jardin, réaménagé en 2017, lui rend hommage. Offrant une vue sur les îles, il s’inscrit dans le vaste ensemble du parc des Rives de Seine, entarticipant à la

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Sign in a series of signs placed by the municipality of Paris describing the history of the city’s gardens.

The garden on the banks of the Seine is dedicated to the well-known Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, who is considered one of Spain’s greatest artists. Lorca was murdered in the Spanish Civil War because of his socialist views and being a homosexual.

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Translation of the text on the sign:

Federico García Lorca Square

Federico García Lorca, born in 1898 in Fuente Vaqueros, near Granada, is a man of letters, painter and musician. Very young, he became involved with the artistic avant-gardes of Madrid. His poetic collection Romancero Gitano, published in 1928 exalted sensuality and the desire for freedom, both in the literary form and in the political sense. Between 1931 and 1936, under the Republic, he directed the troupe La Barraca, which played in the rural provinces. During this period, he wrote his dramatic trilogy Noces de sang, Yerma and La maison de Bernarda Alba.
When the Spanish Civil War broke out, he was threatened because of his republican convictions and his homosexuality. Arrested by Franco’s troops on August 19, 1936, he was assassinated on the side of a road near Víznar (Andalusia).
This garden, redesigned in 2017, pays homage to him. Offering a view of the islands, it is part of the vast ensemble of the Rives de Seine park, part of the

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