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Sign: Paris - 100 Years of Metro History - 1900 - Guimard small entrance

Bréguet - Sabin, 75011 Paris, France
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On the sign:
100 ans de métro (1900-2000)
RATP logo
histoire(s) de métro

Petite entrée Guimard

En 1899, l’architecte Hector Guimard est chargé de dessiner toutes les entrées du métro alors en construction. Il choisit un matériau à la fois économique et noble, la fonte de fer, et propose plusieurs modèles d’entourages:édicules couverts pour les grandes stations, accès principaux dotés de mâts en forme de brins de muguet, et accès secondaires comme ici, dépourvus de signalétique.

Les cartouches qui ornent la balustrade sont typiquement Art nouveau, mais ils sont ici évidés. Leurs formes fluides imitent la nature en s’inspirant du monde végétal ou animal.

Il ne reste aujourd’hui que 88 entrées de stations Guimard qui ont été classées Monuments historiques.

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One of the signs describing the Paris metro history and which was set to commemorate 100 years of the Metro.

The current sign describes the secondary entrances to the metro stations

The next photo taken the day before shows the entrance to the station where the sign (Bréguet - Sabin) was taken Click for a larger image

It is likely that the sign refers to the entrance where the element that was photographed a few months later appears at the small entrance to the Cité metro station
Click for a larger image

RATP - Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens - Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration

Translation of the text on the sign:
100 years of the metro (1900-2000)
metro history

Small entry Guimard


In 1899, the architect Hector Guimard was responsible for designing all the entrances to the metro then under construction. He chose a material that was both economical and noble, cast iron, and offered several models of surrounds: covered entrances for large stations, main accesses equipped with masts in the shape of sprigs of lily of the valley, and secondary accesses like here, without signage.

The cartridges which adorn the balustrade are typically Art Nouveau, but here they are hollowed out. Their fluid shapes imitate nature, taking inspiration from the plant or animal world.

Today, only 88 Guimard station entrances remain which have been classified as Historic Monuments.

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