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Sign: Paris - History of Paris - Saint Mary’s Temple

17 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Paris, France
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On the sign:
[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

Histoire de Paris

Temple Sainte-Marie
En 1628, l’ordre de la Visitation achète, rue Saint-Antoine, l’hôtel de Cosse et fait bâtir à sa place une église sous le vocable de Sainte-Marie-des-Anges. Conçue par François Mansart, elle est édifiée par Michel Villedo entre 1632 et 1634. Son dôme peut être considéré comme une première esquisse de celui des Invalides. L’édifice se présente comme une rotonde flanquée de deux chapelles en ellipse, tandis que deux sacristies encadrent le choeur en trapèze.

[Illustration of the Building]

Le couvent des Visitandines fut confisqué et démoli à la Révolution Depuis 1802, l’église est affectée au culte protestant.
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One of the series of signs describing historical places in Paris. The signs were placed starting in 1992 and are also called sucettes Starck (Starck’s Lollipops) after Philippe Starck who designed them.

The sign depicts the Protestant Sainte Marie church, originally built as a Catholic church, closed during the French Revolution, and later transferred to the Protestants.

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The place is defined as a historical heritage site of France site, as can be seen on the signs on the other side of the church.

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Translation of the text on the sign:

[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

History of Paris

Saint Mary’s Temple
In 1628, the Order of the Visitation purchased the Hôtel de Cosse on rue Saint-Antoine and had a church built in its place under the name of Sainte-Marie-des-Anges. Designed by François Mansart, it was built by Michel Villedo between 1632 and 1634. Its dome can be considered as a first sketch of that of the Invalides. The building is presented as a rotunda flanked by two elliptical chapels, while two sacristies frame the trapezoidal choir.

[Illustration of the Church]

The Visitandines convent was confiscated and demolished during the Revolution. Since 1802, the church has been used for Protestant worship.

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