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Sign: Helsinki - Suomenlinna - Suomenlinna Church

Suomenlinna C 31, 00190 Helsinki, Finland
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On the sign:
Suomenlinnan kirkko
Sveaborgs kyrka
Suomenlinna Church

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FI Suomenlinnan kirkko on linnoituksen maamerkki Se on yksi Helsingin suosituimmista vihkikirtoista jonka majakkakirkon torni leimaa eteläisen Helsingin maisemaa. Kirkkoa ympäräivä puisto on perustettu 1800-huvun puolivalissa

SV Sveaborgs kyrka är fästningens landmärke. Den är en av Helsingfors populäraste vigselkyrkor, med ett fyrtorn som präglar landskapet i södra Helsingfors. Parken som omger kyrkan anlades i mitten av1800-talet

EN Suomenlinna church is one of the landmarks of the fortress. The church and its tower are an integral part of the skyline of southern Helsinki The park surrounding the church dates from the mid-19th century

[The history of the church, every effort has been made to attach the text (English only), but there may be mistakes and missing words]

Since the founding of the fortress, the plan had been to build a church on the island, but the project was continually postponed. The military congregation worshipped in rooms not originally designed for religious use.

The fortress passed into the hands of the Russians, giving rise to an Orthodox community on the island. An Orthodox church was set up in the Ehrensvärd crownwork

The construction of the church began. Several wooden houses were demolished to make way for the church.

The church for the Russian garrison was finally completed. It was designed by Konstantin Thon. The central tower of the church was surrounded by four smaller towers with onion domes. A fence was built around the church, made of cannon barrels and crossed chains.

The oldest European ??? in the park surrounding the church were planted in the 1870s

After Finland independence, the Orthodox church was transferred into a lutheran church. The [old] Orthodox effects and works of art were removed and the extension renovated for a simpler appearance

After the completion of the alternation work, the church was connected for Lutheran use. A lighthouse beacon was placed in the church tower to serve as a navigational aid for ships and air traffic.

The alteration work for the church included dismantling the main done and four towers of the original church, The current tower is 40.8 (?) meters above ground level. The beacon blink four continuous flashes which in Morse code is the letter H, for Helsinki. The church still used by the Lutheran conjugation of Helsinki

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