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501 Mazkeret Batya - Heritage Sites in Israel - The old school
Sderot Rothschild 51, Mazkeret Batya, Israel
502 Givat Haim (Meuhad) - The first dining room, 1933
Swimming Pool, Givat Haim, Israel
503 Ganei Tikva - "Coffee Mug" - Tanya Preminger’s outdoor sculpture
Ha-Galil St 78, Ganei Tikva, Israel
504 Ramat Gan - The bourse complex - Playing Flowers
Tuval St 3, Ramat Gan, Israel
505 Porto - Pillars of the Suspension bridge
R. de Cima do Muro 12, 4000-509 Porto, Portugal
506 Petah Tikva - The intersection of Chaim-Ozer and Shtampfer streets
Khayim Ozer St 1, Petah Tikva, Israel
507 Rishon LeZion - "Hatikva" House
Akhad ha-Am St 16, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
508 Kfar Saba - Drilling Tower
Hertsel St 48, Kefar Sava, Israel
509 Ra’anana - The Fenitz Culture House
Ahuza St 105, Ra’anana, Israel
510 Givat Haim (Meuhad) - The first shower
Swimming Pool, Givat Haim, Israel
511 London - Leicester Square - Statue of William Shakespeare
24 Leicester Square, West End, London, UK
512 Petah Tikva - Heritage Sites in Israel - The house of Joel-Moshe Salomon
Yehuda Leib Pinsker St 3, Petah Tikva, Israel
513 Rishon LeTsiyon - Yad La’Banim - Administration Center
Akhad ha-Am St 20, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
514 Ra’anana - Retirement home
Rambam St 12, Ra’anana, Israel
515 Kiryat Ekron - HaTsanhanim Street
HaTsanhanim St, Kiryat Ekron, Israel
516 Givat Haim (Meuhad) - 1943 Baby Playpen
Swimming Pool, Givat Haim, Israel
517 Tel Aviv - The Adele and Philip Gordon Park
Be’eri St 33, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
518 Ganei Tikva - "Genesis" - an outdoor sculpture by Yael Artsi
Ha-Amakim St 26, Ganei Tikva, Israel
519 Petah Tikva - Traffic signs (2)
Ya’akov Hazan St 12, Petah Tikva, Israel
520 Haifa - Haifa-Boston Connection Square
Sha’ar Palmer St 1, Haifa, Israel
521 Ramat Gan - A request from street cleaners for the treatment of gum
Bialik St 33, Ramat Gan, Israel
522 Tel Aviv - Blue Flag Beach - Metzitzim Beach
Havakuk HaNavi St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
523 Petah Tikva - Heritage Sites in Israel - Founders Square
Hovevei Tsiyon St 40, Petah Tikva, Israel
524 Mazkeret Batya - The Colony Bell
Sderot Rothschild 29, Mazkeret Batya, Israel
525 Givat Haim (Meuhad) - Water tower
Unnamed Road, Givat Haim, Israel

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers site

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