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Signs series: The history of Ra’anana

About the series

Historical background

Raanana was founded in 1922 as a result of the operation of Ahuza A. New York, an American Jewish company established to promote settlement in the Land of Israel. At first the colony was called Raanania, but very quickly the name was changed to Raanana.
The cornerstone for the People’s House was laid in 1925, and from 1927 the house began to operate, which housed the colony’s secretariat, school, kindergarten and more. From 1931 until today the house is used as the town hall .
Baruch Ostrovsky, one of the founders of Ahuza A. New York, was the first head of Raanana’s council. His house, built in 1931, also served as a cultural center, and a place to host personalities who came to visit the city .
In the same year the second water pool was also built, after the first pool built in 1924 failed to meet the water needs of the developing settlement .
During the days of the Great Arab Revolt (1936-39), in which the Arabs acted against British rule, attacks on the Jewish population were also carried out. To warn of these actions, a guard tower was erected during these years (1936-1939) with a signaling device for transmitting messages. Later in World War II a searchlight was also placed on the tower to search for enemy aircraft .
In the same year (1936) Raanana was recognized as a local council by the British government.
In 1939, the Great Synagogue was established, where people still pray
In 1982, Raanana was recognized as a city

About the signs

The signs are rectangular made of glass or plastic and are placed on pillars or on the walls of the sites. The signs also contain a QR code that links to a page from the Raanana Heritage website with a detailed description of the place indicated by the sign.
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The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers site

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