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A synagogue is a place of prayer for the Jewish religion.
The first synagogues were established after the destruction of the First Temple (between 400 and 500 BC), and especially after the destruction of the Second Temple (136 AD), when the synagogue became the only place where the Jews worship God. Synagogues were found in archaeological excavations conducted in the Land of Israel

In almost every city where there is a concentration of Jews, in Israel and abroad, there is a synagogue. In many cases the synagogue was built as one of the first buildings in the settlement . The large, or central, synagogue was usually built later, and serves as the central synagogue of the settlement , .

As mentioned, synagogues are everywhere where there is a concentration of Jews. Abroad, many synagogues were built, some of them magnificent which were influenced by the splendor and magnificence of the churches , ,

In the synagogue is the Ark of the Covenant, and in it are the books of the Torah Click for a larger image, The cantor, and in which the Torah book is read.
In Orthodox synagogues there is a separation between men and women, where the men are in the main hall, and the women are in a space called "Ezrat Nashim".

Usually there is more than one synagogue in a settlement. Synagogues intended for the different types of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform or for the different denominations Synagogues for the Ashkenazi community , the Sephardic , the Yemenite and many more.

During the British Mandate, synagogues were used as Slicks for hiding weapons, by all the undergrounds, this on the assumption that the British would not search in holy places , , and more

Many times synagogues abroad have been the target of anti-Semitic acts.
The synagogues were destroyed, and many times, terrorist acts were carried out against those who worship in them

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