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Signs series: Givatayim - Rishonim route

About the series

Historical background

The Borochov neighborhood is the oldest neighborhood in the city of Givatayim. The neighborhood was established in 1922 after a 3-year reorganization. The Borochov neighborhood is also the first workers’ neighborhood established in Eretz Israel - neighborhoods established for workers of the Histadrut, on land belonging to the JNF, were built by Hebrew workers, usually through a Histadrut construction company (Solel Boneh).

In the Brochov neighborhood, "Tzarchania" (discount supermarket) operated for the first time a cooperative grocery store, which sold products to its members at extremely cheap prices.

In 2007, the "Rishonim route" was established at the initiative of the Givatayim Municipality, the Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, the Jewish National Fund and the Borochov Neighborhoods Association. The route indicates sites in the history of the neighborhood: the grocery store , Beit Aldema where the first Slick of the Haganah was , Mamlock Pharmacy , the well at the water institute And more.

About the signs

The signs are rectangular and placed on a square wooden pillar. At the top of the sign is the title: Borochov neighborhood, below it a picture, and the name of the site. The sign is two-sided, with in many cases the sides being the same, but there are signs that have a different picture on the other side.
The signs are usually accompanied by another explanatory sign, located on the same pillar or nearby Click for a larger image

At the beginning of the route is a sign in a different format with details about the neighborhood and the route
One of the signs in the series:

An example of a site to which a sign is pointing:
Number of signs:

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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