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Sign: Tel Aviv - Rokach House

Shim’on Rokah St 36, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
בבית הזה התגורר
שמעון רוקח (השר)
בשנים תרמ"ז-תרפ"ד
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The house was photographed two months before the sign was taken Click for a larger image

On the house are additional signs taken on the day the sign was taken:
Rokach House
En historic site, 1887, the house out of which grew the city of Tel Aviv. The house tells of the fulfillment of Jaffa’s Jews’ dream to leave the alleys of the city for the’ expenses of sand, to build the first Hebrew neighborhood, Neve Tzedek.

The house was the home of Shimon Rokach, the visionary, the organizer, the builder and the leader of the community. The second floor served as the Town Hall for the people of Jaffa and Neve Tzedek.

While visiting, you will encounter with the life of the 19th century and with family’s members and friends who took part in the vision. All this, through a unique exhibition which integrates furniture, clothing, accessories, photographs and stories.
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Shimon Rokach House - The SR
One of the first houses of Neve-Tzedek
"when I shall turn their captivity: ’The LORD bless thee, O habitation of righteousness, O mountain of holinesst" Jeremiah 31,26

Shimon Rokach - The SR
Born in Jerusalem. Initiated in 1885, the establishment of Neve Tzedek, the first Hebrew neighborhood outside the Jaffa alley. This house was built as one of the first ten houses, served as the residence of the SRand his wife Rachel, and as a center for public and community activity before the establishment of Tel Aviv, the SR served as the head of the Jewish community in Jaffa and Neve-Tzedek, initiating the first public institutions for the service of the city of Tel Aviv. Founded the Hebrew orchard industry. Died in 1922.

In this house, the five sons and daughters of the SRwere born and raised:
His firstborn Yosef Rokach - was born in 1887. Was the eldest son of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Operators of the Hebrew orchard and the founders of the "Haboker" newspaper.

His son Yitzhak Rokach - one of the developers of the Hebrew orchards and shipping and the founders of the Tel Aviv port. He has extensive foreign relations and has held public and state positions in the Israeli economy and society.

His son Israel Rokach - spent most of his years in the city of Tel Aviv. He served as mayor from 1935 to 1953, expanding its boundaries from a small town to a major city. From the settlement’s leadership during the "pre-state". He served as Minister of the Interior in the Israeli government from 1953 to 1955.

His daughter Hannah - married Dr. Leon Magro and went with him to Old Jerusalem to help the poor.

His daughter Miriam Katz - a journalist. Managed the "Haboker" editorial in Haifa and held public positions.

The house was donated in 1928 by the Rokach family to the Shaar Zion Bureau of Bnei Brith.

The Sha’ar Zion bureau was founded in 1890 as the first Bnei Brith bureau in Jaffa-Tel Aviv - the gateway through which the immigrants arrived in Israel.
Made for the development of the Jewish community in community activities in the fields of immigration absorption, education, health and welfare.
There was a library and kindergarten for the neighborhood’s children in this house

The house was rebuilt in 1983 by Leah Megro-Mintz, Shimon Rokach’s granddaughter, with the help of Yitzhak Mintz and their sons Israel and Alexander Mintz-Ninio.
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Translation of the text on the sign:
Shimon Rokach (the SR)

In the years 1887-1924

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