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Sign: Petah Tikva - Heritage Sites in Israel - Beit Avraham Shapira

Herzl St 20, Petah Tikva, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל המועצה לשימור אתרי מורשת בישראל
סמל העיר פתח תקווה
[קוד QR]

בית אברהם שפירא
בבית הזה, שנבנה ב-1905, התגורר אברהם שפירא, איש ההגנה והשמירה.
אברהם שפירא היה ראש השומרים של המושבה פתח תקוה, ושימש בתפקידי משמר וליווי לגדולי היישוב ולאורחיו. הוא נודע גם כמי שטיפח יחסי הידברות ושכנות טובה עם הערבים. אברהם שפירא נפטר ב- 28.12.1965 ואת ביתו ציווה/הוריש לעיריית פתח תקוה.
במסגרת עבודות שיקום הבית שוחזרו ציורי קיר.
כיום, הבית הוא מרכז תרבות, ומוצגים בו חפצים מקוריים מימי פעילותו הבטחונית של אברהם שפירא.
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The sign shape is rectangle but its head is designed according to the silhouette of the old building of the Gymnasia Herzliya, which serves as a logo of the Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel

The house was photographed that day Click for a larger image Click for a larger image

Old weapons are on display in the courtyard, as can be seen in the following picture in which a mortar appears: an 81 mm mortar manufactured by the IMI of the Haganah
Donation of the Avraham Gilat family in memory of the late parents who were members of the Haganah
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In front of the house is a sign indicating that the house is a "cultural house" (as indicated on the main sign):
Shapira THE HOUSE / Music |Performances | Culture
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The QR code points to the site Slikim Petah Tikva

There is also a sign from the "Memorial to the Undergrounds" series Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:
Symbol of the Council for the Preservation of Israeli Heritage Sites
[QR code]

Beit Avraham Shapira
This house, built in 1905, was inhabited by Avraham Shapira, a man of defense and guard.
Avraham Shapira was the head of the guards of the Petah Tikva colony, and served as a guard and escort for the great men of the settlement and the guests of the settlement. He was also known for cultivating dialogue and good neighborliness with the Arabs. Avraham Shapira died on December 28, 1965 and he bequeathed his house to the Petah Tikva Municipality.
As part of the house restoration work, murals were restored.
Today, the house is a cultural center, and displays original objects from the days of Avraham Shapira’s security activities.

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