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Sign: Givatayim - "IMI Channels" - outdoor sculpture by Michael Messinger

HaShomer St 7, Giv’atayim, Israel
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On the sign:
"ערוצי התע"ש"
יצירת הפסל
מסינגר מיכאל
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The statue is located in the Water Institute complex where weapons were created before the establishment of the state and was the site of the first weapons industry in the Land of Israel.

The Sculpture was photographed that day, with the following plaques on it:

During the mandate period, the Hagana in the Givatayim area operated another 5 institutes in addition to the water institute

Room No. 2
At the Pikarsky family, 21 Borochov Street, they created and assembled grenade launchers, in the years 1936-1939

Room No. 3
At the Danieli family, 23 Borochov Street, chemicals were created to ignite the grenade mechanism, in the period 1937-1939

Room No. 4
At the Fisch family, 49 Rambam Street, they created additional accelerators for a hand grenade. On November 25, 1943, an explosion occurred in which the late employee Fanya Abramovich was killed

The Yehuda Institute
In the "girls’" camp on Golomb Street, bullets were made. On June 3, 1943, an explosion occurred in which the late Moshe Blau and the late Meir Isicher were killed

R Institute
On the eve of the War of Independence, they established the R Institute in Solel-Bone Rambam, where they created machine gun bullets.
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About the Sculpture: The sculpture shows weapons made in the period before the establishment of the state

The "Water Institute" is also defined as a heritage site Click for sign's details and appears in the Rishonim route Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:
"IMI Channels" (Israel Military Industries)
The work of the sculptor
Messinger Michael

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