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Sign: Binyamina - The Guards’ Outpost

HaKikar 10, Binyamina Giv’at Ada, Israel
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On the sign:
תחנת הנוטרים
בריכת המים נבנתה במימון הברון רוטשילד, בשנת תרפ"ב 1922, בראש גבעה חשופה כדי לספק מים למושבה בנימינה ההולכת ונבנית.
תחנת הנוטרים הראשונה שכנה במרתף מלון הולץ, וגג בריכת המים שימש לאיתות מורס ללילה ואיתות שמש ליום.
בשנת 1938 נבנו קירות בין עמודי הבריכה והמקום הפך לתחנת נוטרים ובו מעט נשק, רובה צייד, שולחן ויומן.
מוזיאון תחנת הנוטרים הוקם ביוזמת העמותה לשימור ושיחזור עבר המושבה בנימינה, 1996.

העמותה לשימור ושיחזור עבר המושבה בנימינה

The Guards’ Outpost
(Tahanat Hanotrim)

A raised cistern was built with funds from the Baron de Rothschild in 1922 on the crown of an exposed hill, to supply water to the Binyamina community, which was under construction at the time.
The first outpost of the Guards was in the basement of the Holtz Hotel, but the roof of the reservoir was used for signaling - by Morse code at night, and by reflected sunlight during the day.
In 1938, walls were built to enclose the area between the pillars under the cistern, and the site became a guard outpost with the addition of a few weapons, a hunting rifle, a table and a logbook.
The Guard Station Museum was established at the initiative of the Binyamina Preservation & Restoration Society in 1996.

Binyamina Preservation & Restoration Society
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The building was photographed on the same day that the year of its construction appears at the top of the building Click for a larger image

On the wall of the building is a sign indicating that the site is a heritage site in Israel and also belongs to the landmark program.
The sign is designed like signs of heritage sites in Israel, ie its head is designed according to the silhouette of the old building of the Herzliya Gymnasium, which serves as the logo of the Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel and reads:

Symbol of the Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel
Symbol of the Ministry of Culture and Sports
Landmark Program Icon
Emblem of the Prime Minister’s Office "Heritage program"

The site was upgraded with the help of a "heritage program" in the Prime Minister’s Office
In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sports and through the "Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel"
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