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Sign: Jerusalem - Beit HaKerem - Bialik Playground

Khayim Nakhman Bialik St 20-22, Jerusalem, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל העיר ירושלים
סמל הקרן לירושלים

גן ביאליק
בתרפ"ה (1925), בעת הגרלת המגרשים בין מייסדי "שכונת המורים והסופרים" בית הכרם, הקצה ועד האגודה את המגרש הפינתי שבראש הגבעה - בשכנות למשפחות שלי ודביר- לחיים נחמן ביאליק ורעייתו מניה.

המשורר הלאומי הועיד את המקום לבית-קיץ, אבל בנייתו התמהמהה. לכן נטע ביאליק בתרפ"ח (1928) בחלקתו חורשת אורנים גדולה, שצמחה ברבות השנים לחורשה עבותה ומסולעת.

מדי קיץ היתה משפחתו של ביאליק עולה מתל אביב לבית הכרם ומתגוררת בקרבת מקום, אך לכדי בניית ביתה שלה לא הגיעה.

אחרי פטירתו של ביאליק נותרה רק חורשת האורנים שנטע.

הקרן לירושלים ועיריית ירושלים הקיפו בתחום החורשה גן שעשועים וגינה ציבורית, שאותם מקיפים עשרות עצי אורן מאלה שנטע המשורר הלאומי.

בשנת 2021 שידרגה העיריה את הגן ושמרה על אופיו כולל העצים הוותיקים

תכנון: JI אדריכלות נוף
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The garden was photographed on the same day Click for a larger image

Throughout the garden are scattered rocks with excerpts from Bialik’s poems:
[the swing song]
Nad, ned, nad, ned,
Go down, and go up, go up and go down!
what’s up?
what’s down
Only me,
me and you;
We are both balanced on the scales
Between the earth and the sky.
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[The song: In the garden bed]
in the garden bed
around the barrel
They were going to dance
Cabbage with cauliflower.
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[The song: I have a garden]
I have a garden and I have a well
And on my well hangs a bucket
Every Saturday my darling comes,
He will drink righteous water from my pitcher,

The whole world is sleeping, quiet!
An apple and a pear are also:
My mother fell asleep, my father fell asleep
Only I and my heart are awake.
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[Song: Kumi Tzei]
come out, my sister bride,
come out, come out -
In the spring news I brought you:
from behind a garden fence
see bud, see bud,
The sound of the sparrow is heard on my house.

God’s grace passed in Israel
On a wing of light, on a wing of light
And in the factions, poetry fell:
Spring is coming! Spring is coming!
the trees bloomed in the garden,
The cherry turned white.
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[The song: The flower to the butterfly]
butterfly, butterfly,
live flower,
Come down please, quickly
sit on me
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The garden is also designated as a heritage site in Israel Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:
The symbol of the city of Jerusalem
The symbol of the Jerusalem Foundation

Gan Bialik
In 1925, during the lottery of the lots between the founders of the "Neighborhood of Teachers and Writers" Beit HaKram, the association’s board assigned the corner lot at the top of the hill - next Shelly and Dvir families - to Chaim Nachman Bialik and his wife Mania.

The national poet designated the place for a summer house, but its construction was delayed. That is why Bialik planted in 1928a large pine grove on his plot, which grew over the years into a thick and rocky grove.

Every summer, Bialik’s family would come from Tel Aviv to Beit HaKerem and live nearby, but she did not get to build her own house.

After Bialik’s death, only the pine grove he planted remained.

The Foundation for Jerusalem and the Municipality of Jerusalem surrounded the wooded area with a playground and a public garden, which are surrounded by dozens of pine trees from those planted by the national poet.

In 2021, the municipality upgraded the garden and preserved its character, including the old trees

Planning: JI Landscape Architecture

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