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Sign: Kfar Vitkin - Cemetery

Kfar Vitkin, Israel
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On the sign:
כפר ויתקין

[תמונה] בית העלמין

בית העלמין

בית העלמין הוקם במאי 1934 עם פטירתו של החבר צבי ברכיהו ז”ל.
בו קבורים ראשוני הכפר ובני משפחותיהם.
במקום חלקה צבאית אזורית וגלעד לזכר חללי צה”ל בני הכפר,
הקבורים בבתי קברות אחרים בארץ
וגלעד לזכרם של יהודי מז’יבוז’ שנספו בשואה.
במקום גם בית העלמין של חופית ובית ינאי.
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A sign from a series of signs depicting buildings in the history of Kfar Vitkin

The cemetery was photographed on the same day by the same photographer Click for a larger image

In the photo you can see the memorial to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust mentioned on the sign, which reads:
This memorial tombstone
For our holy brothers the six million
who perished in the holocaust in the years 1939-1944 May God resurrect their blood, by the Nazis, and their helpers, may their names be blotted out
May their soul be bundled in the bundle of life
Land do not cover their blood

Translation of the text on the sign:
Kfar Vitkin

[Image] The cemetery

The cemetery
The cemetery was established in May 1934 with the death of the late member Zvi Barchihu.
It is where the village leaders and their families are buried.
The cemetery has a regional military plot and a memorial to the IDF martyrs of the village, who are buried in other cemeteries in Israel
and a monument to the memory of the Jews of Medzhybizh who perished in the Holocaust.
There is also the cemetery of Hufit and Beit Yanai.

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