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Sign: Paris - Gardens - Square Claude Nicolas Ledoux

2 Av. du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris, France
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On the sign:

כיכר Claude Nicolas Ledoux

Ce jardin à l’anglaise porte le nom de l’architecte français (1736- 1806) qui fut l’un des principaux créateurs du style néoclassique et concepteurs del’enceinte des fermiers généraux. Un ensemble statuaire représente le politique Ludovic Trarieux, fondateur et premier président de la Ligue française des droits de l’homme en 1898.


24 h sur 24 h

Pour votre agrément, ce jardin reste ouvert la nuit. Votre coopération est essentielle pour le maintenir propre et agréable.

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Sign in a series of signs placed by the municipality of Paris describing the history of the city’s gardens.

The garden is named after the French architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806), one of the pioneers of the neoclassical movement, and the designer of the Farmers General Wall of Paris.

An English garden, which is the style of this garden, is a type of garden that tries to give an atmosphere of nature, with large meadows, ponds, and trees placed in a natural and unorganized way.

The garden was photographed on the same day by the same photographer Click for a larger image
In the photo you can also see the statue dedicated to Ludovic Trarieux, who is also known for his intervention to acquit Dreyfus of his trial

Translation of the text on the sign:

Square Claude Nicolas Ledoux

This English garden bears the name of the French architect (1736-1806) who was one of the main creators of the neoclassical style and designer of the enclosure of the farmers general. A statuary set represents the politician Ludovic Trarieux, founder and first president of the French League for Human Rights in 1898.


24 hours a day

For your convenience, this garden remains open at night. Your cooperation is essential to keep it clean and pleasant.

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