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Sign: Paris - History of Paris - Place des Vosges

21 Pl. des Vosges, 75003 Paris, France
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On the sign:
[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

Histoire de Paris

Place des Vosges
A cet endroit se trouvait l’une des plus belles demeures des rois de France, l’hotel des Tournelles Possession de Charles VI à partir de 1407, elle fut le séjour parisien favori des Valois Catherine de Médicis la fit démolir en 1563, et installer à son emplacement un marché aux chevaux. Henri IV décide d’édifier une place Royale dont il se réserve un côté, des spéculateurs lotissent et construisent les trois autres dès 1604.

[Illustration of the Place]

La place Royale est inaugurée par Louis XIII, le 5 avril 1612, lors de la célébration du mariage de sa sœur Elisabeth avec l’infant d’Espagne. Résidence à la mode au XVIIe siècle, la place est rebaptisée en 1800 place des Vosges, en l’honneur du premier département à payer ses impôts.

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One of the series of signs describing historical places in Paris. The signs were placed starting in 1992 and are also called sucettes Starck (Starck’s Lollipops) after Philippe Starck who designed them.

The sign says Place des Vosges (Louis XIII square)

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Translation of the text on the sign:

[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

History of Paris

Place des Vosges
At this location was one of the most beautiful residences of the kings of France, the Hotel des Tournelles Possession of Charles VI from 1407, it was the favorite Parisian stay of the Valois Catherine de Medici had it demolished in 1563, and installed on its site a horse market. Henri IV decided to build a Royal Place, one side of which he reserved for himself; speculators subdivided and built the other three in 1604.

[Illustration of the Place]

Place Royale was inaugurated by Louis XIII on April 5, 1612, during the celebration of the marriage of his sister Elisabeth to the Infante of Spain. A fashionable residence in the 17th century, the square was renamed Place des Vosges in 1800, in honor of the first department to pay its taxes.

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