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Sign: Azor - a memorial to those who died in the bus attack in Azor

Kaplan St 1, Azor, Israel
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On the sign:
"הצבי ישראל על במותיך חלל"
(שמואל ב’ א’, 19)

תהילת נצח לגיבורי ישראל, קורבנות הטרור שנרצחו בדרכם לשירות צבאי ולמקום עבודתם.
ביום רביעי כ"א בשבט התשס’’א
14.02.2001 בשעה 7:45 בבוקר.
"זכר יקירנו ייקר לכולם לעד"

עמוד האש ההולך לפני המחנה, עשוי מברזל ואבן וברונזה - חומרים הלקוחים מן הסביבה הטבעית שלנו. מוליכים ומתחברים אליה חזרה, מכים שורשים עמוקים וחזקים אל תוך האדמה הזאת, אשר רגביה אספו אל חיקה החם את בנינו ובנותינו.
סביבו חגות היונים הנושאות את הלפיד הזועק מתוך האדמה.
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The monument commemorates those who perished in the stampede attack, in which 8 people were run over to death and 21 were injured. The attack happened at the Tempo intersection near Azor.

The names of the fallen appear on the monument made by Miri Passov and photographed that day by the same photographer
Sergeant Ofir Magidish / Corporal Alexander Manevitz / Sergeant Julie Weiner / Sergeant David Iloz / Corporal Yasmin Krisi / Sergeant Kochi Polonsky / Sergeant Racheli Levy / Sima Shitrit

"For as often as I speak of him, I do earnestly remember him still"

Jeremiah 31
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And the name of the locality appears on the right - Azor
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Translation of the text on the sign:
"Thy beauty, O Israel, upon thy high places is slain! "
(Samuel 2 1:19)

Eternal glory to the heroes of Israel, the victims of terrorism who were murdered on their way to military service and to their place of work.
On Wednesday
14.02.2001 at 7:45 am.
"The memory of our loved one will be dear to everyone forever"

The pillar of fire that goes in front of the camp is made of iron, stone and bronze - materials taken from our natural environment. Leading and connecting back to it, striking deep and strong roots into this earth, whose roots have gathered our sons and daughters into its warm bosom.
Around it the pigeons carry the torch that screams out of the ground.

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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