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Sign-O-Pedia: Terror attacks

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errorist attacks are attacks carried out with the aim of achieving certain goals by imposing terror and fear, usually on citizens who are not directly related to the attack.
Terrorist attacks take different forms, starting with blowing up houses, hijacking planes or ships, suicide attacks, car bombs and more.

Many terrorist attacks are related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not only in Israel but also in other countries.

Below is a list of terrorist attacks according to the countries that appear on the website:

United States
11.9.2001 - One of the well-known attacks is the one that happened in the Twin Towers in New York City. On September 11, 2001, terrorists from the Al-Qaeda organization hijacked 4 planes, two planes flew into the Twin Towers, causing them to collapse, another plane crashed into the Pentagon building, and the fourth plane destined for the White House, crashed in an open field.
In these attacks, 2,977 people were killed and thousands were injured , ,
As a result of this attack, the United States started a war with Afghanistan, which was suspected of providing shelter to the planner of the attacks, Osama bin Laden.

5.9.1972 - Murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. During the Olympic Games held in Munich, Palestinian terrorists from the "Black September" organization took over the residences of the Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village. 11 athletes were murdered after a failed rescue attempt by the Munich police

11.3.2004 – explosion of explosive devices in 4 passenger trains in Madrid. In the attack carried out by an extremist Islamic organization, 191 people were killed and 1,500 were injured

August 29, 1981 - attack on the Great Synagogue of Vienna. The synagogue was attacked by members of the Abu Nidal organization, during a Bar Mitzvah celebration that took place there. The attack killed 2 people and injured 30.
2.11.2020 – Another attack near the Great Synagogue of Vienna. An attack carried out by a Muslim belonging to the Islamic State (ISIS). Since the synagogue was closed due to the corona epidemic, the attacker shot passers-by in the vicinity. 4 civilians were killed in the attack.

Great Britain
3.6.2017 – London Bridge and Borough Market. An attack carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS) in which 8 people were killed and 40 injured after terrorists ran over pedestrians on London Bridge, and then continued to stab civilians in Borough Market

12.10.2002 - the attack on night clubs in the city of Bali. A terrorist attack carried out by the Al-Jama’a Al-Islamiya organization in which 202 people from different nations were killed

7/22/1946 - The Etzel Forces blow up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, where the Mandate government’s secretariat was located. 92 people were killed in the explosion
1947-2002 - attacks on buses
6.3.1975 - the attack at the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv. Eight terrorists from the Fatah organization landed in boats on the coast of Tel Aviv. The terrorists took over the Savoy Hotel. The hotel’s guests and employees were held hostage. The terrorists’ goal was to release terrorists who were detained in Israel. An elite unit of the IDF tried to rescue the hostages, but the terrorists activated Pre-made explosives. 8 civilians and 3 IDF soldiers were killed in the attack
11.3.1978 - Coastal Road attack. Terrorists from the Fatah organization who landed from the sea took over a bus that was on its way to Haifa. After that, they stopped another bus, put its passengers on the first bus. In the battles to free the bus, the terrorists blew up the bus. In this attack, 35 people were killed
19.10.1994 - an attack on line 5 on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. Suicide attack inside a line 5 bus, 22 people were killed in the attack
4.3.1996 - the attack at the Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv. The attack took place outside the Dizengoff Center mall, when a suicide bomber blew himself up. The attack killed 13 and injured 125.
February 14, 2001 - a run-over attack at the Tempo intersection near Azor. A Palestinian bus driver ran over passengers waiting at a bus stop, 8 people were killed in the attack.
5.6.2002 – suicide attack using a car bomb that stuck to bus line 830 at the Megiddo junction. 17 people were killed in the attack

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