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Sign: Tel Aviv - Sderot HaHaskala - Judah Leib Ben-Ze’ev

Sderot HaHaskala 14, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
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On the sign:
[תמונתו של יהודה ליב בן-זאב]

יְהוּדָה לֵיבּ בֶּן-זְאֶב

סופר ועורך עברי, בלשן ומחנך, מבקר מקרא. היה מראשוני המשכילים ומקורב לתלמידי משה מנדלסון. פעל בעיקר בברלין (גרמניה), ברסלאו (כיום ורוצלאב שבפולין) ווינה (אוסטריה). פרסם ספרי דקדוק ותחביר עברי חלוציים, ספרי לימוד ומילונים, שזכו לתפוצה רבה כגון "תלמוד לשון עברי" (1796) ו"אוצר השורשים" (1808-1807). בזכות מבואותיו לתנ"ך נחשב בן־זאב כאחד מראשוני מבקרי המקרא בספרות העברית המודרנית.
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The Haskalah Avenues are named after the Haskalah movement (Jewish Enlightenment)
whose details can be found on the next sign Click for sign's details. The small streets located between Sderot HaHaskala and Bitzeron Street are named after the main figures in the movement.

The signs indicating the individuals are on the walls of the entrance to a public shelter located in the public garden that stretches along Sderot HaHaskala, as can be seen in the following photo taken on the same day Click for a larger image

Ben-Ze’ev is described as "The Linguist" on a sign explaining the Enlightenment movement Click for sign's details.

Translation of the text on the sign:
[Photo of Judah Leib Ben-Ze’ev]

Yehuda Leib Ben-Ze’ev

Hebrew writer and editor, linguist and educator, biblical critic. He was one of the first educated and close to Moshe Mendelssohn’s students. He worked mainly in Berlin (Germany), Breslau (now Wroclaw in Poland) and Vienna (Austria). He published pioneering Hebrew grammar and syntax books, textbooks and dictionaries, which were widely distributed, such as "Hebrew Language Talmud" (1796) and "The Treasure of the Roots" (1808-1807). Thanks to his introductions to the Bible, Ben-Zev is considered one of the first critics of the Bible in modern Hebrew literature.

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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