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Sign: Paris - History of Paris - Hôtel Scribe

1 Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris, France
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On the sign:
[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

Histoire de Paris

Hôtel Scribe
Inscrit dès 1861 dans la vaste opération durbanlsme du nouveau quartier de l’Opéra, l’hôtel Scribe (1, rue Scribe) fut des 1863 le siège du "Jockay-Club", (Société d’encouragement pour l’amélioration des races da chevaux en France) fondé 30 ans plus tôt 2, rue du Helder. Il occupa les luxueux salons du premier étage pendant 50 ans. Le rez-de-chaussée était réservé au "Grand Café": des lambris dorés des banquettes rouges, pas moins de douze billards et des salons privés y accueillaient une clientèle mondaine. Le sous-sol était amánagé en "salon indien": le 28 décembre 1895, les frères-Lumière y présentèrent leur cinématographe avec "La sortie des usines Lumière à Lyon", et 9 autres films. "Lorsque ces appareils seront livrés au public, lorsque tous pourront photographie rles êtres qui leur sont chers non plus dans leur forme immobile, mais dans leur mouvement, dans leur action, dans leurs gestes familiers, avec la parole au bout des lèvres, la mort cessera d’être absolue". Le 13 janvier 1896 y fut aussi présentée l’expérimentation des rayons X du docteur Röntgen.
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One of the series of signs describing historical places in Paris. The signs were placed starting in 1992 and are also called sucettes Starck (Starck’s Lollipops) after Philippe Starck who designed them.

The sign describes the place where the Lumière brothers’ documentary film "The Workers’ Exit from the Lumiere Factory in Lyon" was shown, a film made in 1895, which is considered the first film ever filmed. In addition, Wilhelm Roentgen presented his experiments in the use of X-rays there

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Translation of the text on the sign:
[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

History of Paris

Hôtel Scribe
Included in 1861 in the vast urban planning operation of the new Opera district, the Scribe hotel (1, rue Scribe) was from 1863 the headquarters of the "Jockay-Club", (Society for the encouragement of the improvement of the races of horses in France) founded 30 years earlier at 2, rue du Helder. He occupied the luxurious lounges on the first floor for 50 years. The ground floor was reserved for the "Grand Café": gold paneling, red benches, no less than twelve billiards tables and private rooms welcomed a worldly clientele. The basement was converted into an "Indian living room": on December 28, 1895, the Lumiere brothers presented their cinema there with "The release of the Lumière factories in Lyon", and 9 other films. "When these cameras are delivered to the public, when everyone will be able to photograph the beings dear to them no longer in their immobile form, but in their movement, in their action, in their familiar gestures, with words on their lips, death will cease to be absolute". On January 13, 1896, Dr. Röntgen’s X-ray experiment was also presented there.

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