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The cinema - a medium through which artistic and documentary content is transmitted through films was invented in 1895 by the Lumière brothers. The technique they used is moving images in rapid succession so that the viewer’s eye feels the effect of movement. The first films were silent films (without sound), and were often accompanied by an orchestra that played in the background of the film projection.
As the first film in which there is real movement is considered that of the Lumière brothers: "The workers’ exit from the Lumière factory in Lyon", a film in which they filmed the workers’ exit from their factories. The film was screened along with 9 other films on December 28, 1895 in a room at the Hôtel Scribe in Paris .
In 1927, the first film accompanied by a soundtrack was released.

The films were shot on films with holes on both sides , holes that made it possible to run the film in the projection machine . With the penetration of digital technology, the industry moved from films to digital technology, so that in fact the films are projected by reading a digital file.

Today, cinema is considered one of the fine arts, competitions are held to choose the best film (Oscar and others), and festivals are held around the world where outstanding films are chosen and prizes are awarded (Cannes, Berlin, Venice and more).

Motion pictures include a wide variety of fields and types. Feature films tell a story, while documentary films describe a case that happened in reality.
An example of a documentary film is 70414 produced on the occasion of the transition to diesel locomotives in Israel Railways , ,
A whole field of films is animated films, films that were not filmed but drawn. Walt Disney Studios specialized in animated films mainly for children.
An animated film of a different kind, is the film "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles
Disney studios also produced other films, mainly for children, one of the most famous of which is "Mary Poppins", a film made in 1964 following a book written in 1934

Producing a motion picture involves several steps:
Writing a script - transferring the story to "operating instructions" involved in the production of the film (participants, locations, description of situations and especially the text that the actors say).
Shooting - shooting the film can take long periods and take place in different locations.
Editing - the processing of the raw materials shot into the final movie.

Factors involved in the film industry
ActorsFilm actors play different roles in the film. Many times film actors are also theater actors, or appear in television series.
The most prestigious award given to an actor for his performance is the Academy Award (Oscars) awarded annually by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in a ceremony held in Los Angeles, United States.

Famous players were commemorated in the site:
Sir Alec Guinness ,
Sir John Gielgud
Jeanne Moreau
Charlie Chaplin

A film director is the person responsible for creating the film. The director receives the script (sometimes even gets involved in its preparation), and makes sure that at the end of the course a motion picture is produced.
Directors have also won fame, where also in this case the most prestigious award is the Academy Award.

Famous Directors were commemorated in the site:
François Truffaut
Charlie Chaplin
Shirley Clark (at the Chelsea Hotel in New York)

Even places where films were shot have been recognized, thus the European Film Culture Treasure label is awarded to places where well-known films were shot: Plaza de España - Seville, Spain

Another place is the Chelsea Hotel in New York

Production companies
Films were produced by film companies, the most famous of which are: Disney, Twentieth Century, Universal, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and many others.

The website shows the production company of Michael Powell and Eric Pressburger

Israeli cinema began in a very modest way, but over the years gained a presence in the international market as well. Israeli films were nominated for Oscars, and actors and directors were remembered for international recognition.

Below are a number of personalities who were involved in the Israeli film industry:
Margot Kalusner She was one of the founders of Israeli theater and cinema. She founded the Herzliya film studios, which produced many films.
Another figure who was in the early days of Israeli cinema was Yerushalayim Segal who was the first film translator.
Directors: David Perlov , Avraham Heffner , Jachin Hirsch , Natan Gross
Producers: Menachem Golan

Movie theaters are where movies are shown. The cinema is usually characterized by a large screen, and an improved sound system. With the invention of television, films began to be sourced on it as well, usually films that had previously been shown in cinemas. Because of the size of the movie theater screen compared to the television, the movie theater, and also the movie industry, was called the "big screen", compared to the "small screen" attributed to the television sets (although the television screens are getting bigger).

Ordea Cinema - Ramat Gan, Israel
Yarkon Cinema - Rosh Ha’Ein, Israel
The Amphitheater - Open Cinema - Ramat Gan, Israel
Heichal Cinema - Petah Tikva, Israel
Esther Cinema - Netanya, Israel
Smadar Cinema - Jerusalem, Israel
Amal Cinema - Kfar Saba, Israel
Ophir Cinema - Tel Aviv, Israel
Migdal Cinema - Holon, Israel
Rex Cinema - Paris, France

The cinema was the central place in many settlements, mainly small ones and those that were only established many times, the place was the "Beit HaTarbut" or "Beit Ha’am" but the main activity of the place was the screening of movies: ,

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