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Sign: Paris - History of Paris - Dante writes the Divine Comedy

10 Rue Lagrange, 75005 Paris, France
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On the sign:
[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

Histoire de Paris

Dante rédige la Divine Comédie
Depuis 1293, Florence est en proie à la lutte incessante des partis guelfe et gibelin. Dante Alighieri, issu en 1265 d’une famille noble sans fortune, est proscrit en 1302, voué au bûcher s’il vient à être pris sur le territoire de la commune. Tous ses biens ont été confisqués, sa demeure brûlée: le poète mène alors jusqu’à sa mort, en 1321, une vie errante, et s’attache à la rédaction de son grand œuvre. De passage à Paris, il célèbre dans ses écrits le "vico degli strami" (rue du fourrage); la rue tire en effet son nom des bottes de foin utilisées comme siège par les étudiants. Peutêtre les Mystères représentés sur le parvis de Notre-Dame ont-ils contribué à nourrir l’inspiration visionnaire des cercles de l’Enfer!

[Portrait drawing of Dante]
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One of the series of signs describing historical places in Paris. The signs were placed starting in 1992 and are also called sucettes Starck (Starck’s Lollipops) after Philippe Starck who designed them.

The sign indicates the place in Paris where the Italian poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) stayed after he was sent into exile from his city of Florence. One of the hypotheses is that he stayed in Paris between the years 1308-1310, the years in which he began writing his great work "The Divine Comedy"

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Translation of the text on the sign:

[An illustration of a ship, symbolizing the symbol of Paris]

History of Paris

Dante writes the Divine Comedy
Since 1293, Florence has been prey to the incessant struggle between the Guelph and Ghibelline parties. Dante Alighieri, born in 1265 from a noble family without fortune, was proscribed in 1302, doomed to the stake if he was caught on the territory of the commune. All his property was confiscated, his home burned: the poet then led a wandering life until his death in 1321, and devoted himself to writing his great work. While passing through Paris, he celebrated in his writings the "vico degli strami" (rue du fourrage - fodder street); the street takes its name from the hay bales used as seats by the students. Perhaps the Mysteries represented on the square in front of Notre-Dame contributed to nourishing the visionary inspiration of the circles of Hell!

[Portrait drawing of Dante]

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