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Sign: Matosinhos - the place where, according to the legend, the image of Jesus came ashore

R. Godinho 7, 4450-199 Matosinhos, Portugal
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On the sign:
Zimbório do Senhor do Padrão
Lantern Tower of Senhor do Padrão

Classificado como Monumento Nacional desde 1971, o "Senhor do Padrão" àssinala o local onde, segundo a lenda, terá dado à costa, no dia 3 de maio do ano 124, a imagem do Bom Jesus de Matasinhos. Local certamente assinalado desde épocas remotas, foi no entanto em data posterior a 1758 que se edificou o zimbório que hoje aqui podemos contemplar. Conhecido também por "Senhor da Areia", tal designação resulta do facto de, até ao início do sétulo XX, este monumento se encontrar totalmente isolado no meio de um vasto areal, possuindo por isso um fortíssimo impacto visual. O aparecimento miraculoso de uma fonte de água doce neste local, em 1733, deu origem à construção mais pequena que podemos observar junto ao zimbório..

Classified as a National Monument since 1971, "Senhor do Padrão" marks the place where according to legend, on the 3rd of May of the year 124, the image of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos has reached the shore. The place was surely important since ancient times but the lantern tower that we can contemplate today was only built after 1758. Its alternative designation "Our Lord of the Sands" is due to the fact that the monument was entirely surrounded by a large beach, thus enhancing its visual impact. The miraculous appearance of a freshwater, spring in this spot, in 1733, was the origin of the smaller building next to the lantern tower.

[picture of the structure]
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Bom Jesus de Matosinhos - is the invocation of Jesus through a wooden statue found in the city.

According to legend, the statue was swept away in the second century AD, in this place. Hundreds of years later, the building was erected, which is declared a national heritage site of Portugal.

The building was photographed on the same day by the same photographer Click for a larger image Click for a larger image

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