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26 Lisbon - Portugal’s accession to the European Economic Community and the Treaty of Lisbon
Mosteiro Jerónimos, 1400-206 Lisboa, Portugal
27 Lisbon - The monument to Jose I, King of Portugal
Praça do Comércio MB, 1100-148 Lisboa, Portugal
28 Lisbon - Monument to the peace mission fighters
Av. Brasília S/N, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
29 Lisbon - April 25 revolution - do Arsenal street
Rua do Arsenal, 1200-182 Lisboa, Portugal
30 Lisbon - the house where the actor Chaby Pinheiro was born
R. de São Julião 55, 1100-150 Lisboa, Portugal
31 Lisbon - a commemorative statue for the pavers of the city’s sidewalks
Praça dos Restauradores 10, 1249-970 Lisboa, Portugal
32 Lisbon - commemorative statue of the poet Fernando Pessoa
R. Paiva de Andrade 25, 1200-445 Lisboa, Portugal
33 Lisbon - Restadores Square - the monument marking the liberation of Portugal from Spanish rule
Praça dos Restauradores, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal
34 Lisbon - Monument to overseas fighters
Av. Brasília S/N, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
35 Lisbon - Monument to João I, King of Portugal
Praça da Figueira 5C, 1100-197 Lisboa, Portugal
36 Lisbon - a column in memory of King Pedro IV
Praça Dom Pedro IV 41, 1100-200 Lisboa, Portugal
37 Lisbon - City Hall Square - "Grade" outdoor sculpture by Jorge Vieira
Rua do Arsenal 27, 1100-148 Lisboa, Portugal
38 Lisbon - Commemorative plaque for Adelino Amaro da Costa
Largo Adelino Amaro da Costa 2, 1100-535 Lisboa, Portugal
39 Lisbon - Monument to the Jשews who perished in the Lisbon pogrom (2)
N41, Praça Dom Pedro IV 4, 1100-200 Lisboa, Portugal
40 Lisbon - the statue of the poet António Ribeiro Chiado
Largo do Chiado 24, 1200-445 Lisboa, Portugal
41 Lisbon - Monument to the poet Luís de Camões
Praça Luís de Camões 576, 1200-208 Lisboa, Portugal
42 Lisbon - Praça Dom João da Câmara
Praça Dom João da Câmara 4, 1200-016 Lisboa, Portugal
43 Lisbon - Monument to mark 100 years of aviation in Portugal
Av. Brasília S/N, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
44 Lisbon - Lisbon Cathedral
R. Augusto Rosa 42b, 1100-091 Lisboa, Portugal
45 Lisbon - Rossio railway station
Rossio, R. 1º de Dezembro 125, 1249-970 Lisboa, Portugal
46 Lisbon - Monument commemorating Afonso de Albuquerque
Praça Afonso de Albuquerque, 1300-598 Lisboa, Portugal

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers site

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