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The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

There are 21 signs in the city Nesher:       Show on map Thumbnails mode

1 Nesher - Mordei ha-Geta’ot Street
Mordei ha-Geta’ot St 1, Nesher, Israel
2 Nesher - Givat Nesher neighborhood
Ha-Aliya St 3, Nesher, Israel
3 Nesher - The intersection of Ilanot, Hachalutzim and Orach Chaim streets
HaHalutsim/Ha’Ilanot, Nesher, Israel
4 Nesher - Mount Carmel Park
Ha-Aliya St 3, Nesher, Israel
5 Nesher - Yitzhak Garden
Ha-Khalutsim St 1, Nesher, Israel
6 Nesher - Cement Factory - Michael Street
Nesher Cement Industries Factory, Nesher, Israel
7 Nesher - Ha-Rakefet Street
Ha-Rakafot St 19, Nesher, Israel
8 Nesher - Ha-Rakefet 19 Street - Old format house number
Ha-Rakafot St 19, Nesher, Israel
9 Nesher - one place and three addresses
Ha-Haskala St, Nesher, Israel
10 Nesher - A memorial center and monument to the fallen of Nesher who fell in the Israeli battles
HaHalutsim/Yefe Nof, Nesher, Israel
11 Nesher - warning sign on the cable car between the check-post and the University of Haifa
Moshe Road, Nesher, Israel
12 Nesher - Garden of David
Dvora St 16, Nesher, Israel
13 Nesher - Galit lookout point
705, Nesher, Israel
14 Nesher - Heritage Sites in Israel - The Houses of Balad Ash-Shaykh
Derech HaShalom 20, Nesher, Israel
15 Nesher - Museum of Sewing Machines
Ha-Mesila St 22, Nesher, Israel
16 Nesher - The cemetery of the depopulated village, Balad Elsheikh
HaKishon St, Nesher, Israel
17 Nesher Park - Adventure Bridge
Green Route - Nesher Park, Nesher, Israel
18 Nesher - Gan Yehuda
Derech HaShalom 20, Nesher, Israel
19 Nesher - a square commemorating the 21st Battalion of the Carmeli Brigade
HaKalaniyot/HaTishbi, Nesher, Israel
20 Nesher - Founders’ Square
HaMasger St 4, Nesher, Israel
21 Nesher - Kulas garden
Derech HaShalom 14, Nesher, Israel

The ultimate street signs, historical sites and house numbers

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