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Sign: Rishon LeZion - The Kanner House

Rothschild St 11, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
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On the sign:
בית קנר
[תמונת בית קנר]

נבנה בשנת תר"ס, 1900, על-ידי יעקב ובתיה קנר. המבנה ייחודי בצורתו הארכיטקטונית ונושא מאפייני בנייה קולוניאליים. בחזית הבית עוגני ברזל בצורת האותיות י.ק. - ראשי תיבות שמו של בעל הבית.
יעקב קנר היה איכר, חרש ברזל ויו"ר ועד המושבה. בשנים 1940-1985 שימש הבית כבית "מגן דוד אדום". בימי טרם מדינה שכנו בו מפקדה של "ההגנה" ו"סליק". במלחמת העצמאות פעל במרתף בית-חולים עם חדר ניתוח. בחצר שכנה תחנת מכבי האש. כיום משמש הבית כגלריה עירונית.

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The Kanner House
[Image of the Kanner House]

The house was built in the "colonial" style in 1900 by Yaakov Kanner, a farmer, blacksmith and chairman of the Village Committee. Later, the house served as Rishon Le-Zion’s First-Aid Clinic ("Magen David Adom") and the yard was used by the Fire Brigade (1940-1985). Prior to the establishment of the State of Israel the "Hagana" defense forces used the house as one of its headquarters and arms cache. During the War of Independence the basement was converted into an emergency hospital.

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Rishon Le Zion Museum emblem
Rishon LeZion’s emblem
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One of the signs initiated by Rishon Lezion Museum depicting historic places in the city and also include the The Pioneers’ Way.

The picture of the house that also shows the current sign was taken on the day the sign was taken Click for a larger image

On the same day, the signpost for the same house was also photographed Click for a larger image similar in the format to other directional signs in the city, such as Click for sign's details

The building is also defined as a heritage site in Israel, and is indicated on a separate sign Click for sign's details

There is also an newer sign belonging to the Pioneers Way with a similar text Click for sign's details

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