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Sign: Tel Aviv - "The Duck" (Dudu Geva) - Outdoor sculpture by Joshua & Or Cafri

שדרות מסריק, 6435121, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל העיר תל אביב יפו
יהושע ואור כפרי
על פי איוריו של האמן דודו גבע (1950-2005)
יציקת בטון מעורב וצבע

Joshua & Or Cafri
The Duck
Based on Drawings
by artist Dudu Geva (1950-2005)
Mixed concrete casting and paint
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The sign belongs to the series of signs depicting outdoor sculptures throughout the city of Tel Aviv - Jaffa.

The sculpture on which the sign is pointing was photographed that day Click for a larger image

A memorial plaque was placed in the home of Dudu Geva Click for sign's details

About the Artist: Dudu Geva - Born in Jerusalem, Israel (1950-2005), a comic artist and cartoonist whose main publications were comic series in the Haaretz newspapers ("Hadashot", "Kol Hair", "Hair" and "Haaretz") and in the "Maariv" newspaper.
Dudu Geva, who worked with Kobi Niv, has published books (Zoo Eretz Zoo, Sefer Megucach, Bon shel Megucach, etc.), comic strips (Joseph and his brother, Ahlan and Sahelan, Duck Poetry and more).

About the Sculpture : The duck, which was one of the figures associated with Dudu Geva’s work, was placed after his death on the roof of the Tel Aviv Municipality building (duck-shaped balloon), in 2008 received the title of "Citizen of Honor" of the city of Tel Aviv (the duck!), And then the current statue was placed in Masaryk Square.
On the base of the statue are the words "always optimistic" that characterized the "eternal loser" duck.

A work by Dudu Geva dedicated to the photographer can be found here Click for the item in The ultimate manhole covers site

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