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Sign: Tel Aviv - Youth Movements Trail - Station 6 - Establishment of the State of Israel

Arlozorov St 93, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
תחנה 6
הקמת מדינת ישראל
ביום ה’ באייר תש"ח 1948

המועצה הזמנית בראשות דוד בן-גוריון הכריזה על עצמאותה של מדינת ישראל. ההסתדרות, שמוסדותיה היוו תשית למדינה שבדרך, העבירה חלק מתפקידיה לאחריות המדינה. צה"ל הוקם על בסיס המבנה הארגוני של "ההגנה" וההסתדרות המשיכה לדאוג למגוון משימות לאומיות: פיתוח יישובים חקלאיים, הקמת מפעלים וקליטת עולים.

דוד בן-גוריון
יו"ר ההסתדרות בשנים 1921-1935
ראש הממשלה ושר הביטחון הראשון של מדינת ישראל.
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One of the stations located on the youth movement route. A path located in the Histadrut garden, inaugurated in October 2020. In the route of stations depicting milestones of the Histadrut. The illustrations at the trail stations were made by Nofar Tzarfati.

The trail was photographed that day Click for a larger image

Three months before the inauguration of the garden, the Histadrut Garden was inaugurated in Rishon Lezion, with signs containing the same text and illustrations, but the signs are made of plastic material, and are on a pillar Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:
Station 6
Establishment of the State of Israel
On Thursday, May 14 1948

The Provisional Council headed by David Ben-Gurion declared the independence of the State of Israel. The Histadrut, whose institutions formed the infrastructure for the pre-State of Israel, transferred some of its functions to the responsibility of the state. The IDF was established on the basis of the organizational structure of the Haganah, and the Histadrut continued to take care of a variety of national tasks: the development of agricultural settlements, the establishment of factories and the absorption of immigrants.

David Ben-Gurion
Chairman of the Histadrut in the years 1921-1935
The first Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of the State of Israel.

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