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Sign: Tel Aviv - Youth Movements Trail - Station 9 - Legislation to strengthen the working person

Arlozorov St 93, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
תחנה 9
חקיקה לחיזוק האדם העובד
מיום הקמתה, ולאורך השנים, ההסתדרות משמשת כאחד מעמודי התווך המרכזיים של מערכת יחסי העבודה בישראל. הדפוסים שעיצבה עוד מימי המנדט, הצליחו לסלול את הדרך לחקיקת עבודה מתקדמת שממנה נהנים היום כלל אזרחי ישראל.

בעקבות פעילות ההסתדרות, חוקקה הכנסת שורה של חוקי עבודה ובטחון סוציאלי שנועדו להגן על ציבור העובדים, כגון: חוק שעות עבודה ומנוחה (1951), חוק עבודת נשים (1954), חוק פיצויי פיטורין (1963), חוק שכר שווה (1964), חוק יישוב סכסוכי עבודה (1967), חוק בית הדין לעבודה (1969) ועוד.
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One of the stations located on the youth movement route. A path located in the Histadrut garden, inaugurated in October 2020. In the route of stations depicting milestones of the Histadrut. The illustrations at the trail stations were made by Nofar Tzarfati.

The trail was photographed that day Click for a larger image

Three months before the inauguration of the garden, the Histadrut Garden was inaugurated in Rishon Lezion, with signs containing the same text and illustrations, but the signs are made of plastic material, and are on a pillar Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:
Station 9
Legislation to strengthen the working person
Since its inception, and over the years, the Histadrut has served as one of the main pillars of the labor relations system in Israel. The patterns it has shaped since the days of the Mandate have succeeded in paving the way for the legislation of advanced labor that all Israeli citizens today enjoy.

Following the Histadrut’s activities, the Knesset enacted a series of labor and social security laws designed to protect the working public, such as the Hours of Work and Rest Law (1951), the Women’s Law (1954), the Dismissal Compensation Law (1963), the Equal Pay Law (1964), Settlement of Labor Disputes (1967), the Labor Court Law (1969) and more.

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