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Sign: Holon - Story Garden - The scatterbrained from Kfar Azar

David Elazar/Begin, Holon, Israel
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On the sign:
גן על פי "המפוזר מכפר אז"ר" - לאה גולדברג

"קָם בַּבֹּקֶר הַמְפֻזָר וְיוֹשֵׁב עַל הַמִטָּה,
וְשׁוֹאֵל: "יַשַׁנְתִּי כְּבָר, אוֹ שַׁכַבְתִּי זֶה עַתָּה?
זֶה שֶׁבַּחַלּוֹן זוֹרֵחַ - שְׁמוֹ הוּא שֶׁמֶשׁ אוֹ יָרֵחַ?"

בספרה של לאה גולדברג, הגיבור הוא מפוזר - "בְּמַבְרֶשֵת נעֲלַיִם מְצַחֵצֵחַ הוּא שִׁנַּיִם".
יום הוא לילה, תנועה היא מנוחה, תחנה היא תחבוס ואוטובוס הוא אוטונע.

כך בגן, הספסל הוא גם פנס, שמאיר את קרונות הרכבת שאינם מגיעים לשום מקום, ואף אינם מאחרים לעולם, לספסל אחר צמחה דבשת והוא הפך למגלשה, ודלי ריק מצליח להתיז מים משום מקום. השביל התרוקן ממרצפותיו, שהתחלפו להן עם הדשא הירוק, ועץ עבות אחד בחר לצמוח לו מתוך הנדנדה.

"הִנֵּה כָּךְ הוּא הַמִפֻזָר, הַמְפֻזָר מִכְּפַר־אֲזַ"ר. "
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One of the Story Gardens in Holon, gardens designed according to children’s books.

The sculptures in the garden were designed by Alex Padua and Sefi Hefetz, and the garden was designed by landscape architect Bruce Levin

The garden with sculptures depicting the story was photographed that day Click for a larger image

The passengers get on and off Click for a larger image Click for a larger image

It’s good to rest on the train,
How pleasant it is to sit in the booth
There is no one in the car ...
This is probably a stop!
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The last one turns off the light
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At the entrance to the garden, a sign similar to this can be found in other gardens in Holon, such as Click for sign's details
The scatterbrained from Kfar Azar, and it is also stated that the garden belongs to a "story garden" and that it is defined as a "heritage site" (because of the security road located in it)
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Directions to the garden can be seen in the following signs Click for sign's details, Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:

Garden according to "The scatterbrained from Kfar Azar" - Leah Goldberg
"In the morning the scattered man gets up and sits on the bed,
And asks: "Have I already slept, or have I just gone to bed?
The one that shines in the window - its name is Sun or Moon? "

In Leah Goldberg’s book, the protagonist is scatterbrained - "with a brush of shoes he brushes his teeth."
Day is night, traffic is rest, station is station-bus and bus is moving-car.

Thus in the garden, the bench is also a flashlight, illuminating the train carriages that go nowhere, and are never late, to another bench a hump grows and it becomes a slide, and an empty bucket manages to splash water out of nowhere. The path emptied of its tiles, which were replaced by the green grass, and one thick tree chose to grow out of the swing.

"Here is the scatterer, the scatterer from the village of Azar. "

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