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Sign: Jerusalem - Photograph in stone - Four-day march to Jerusalem

Safra Square 4, Jerusalem
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On the sign:
סמל מיזם "תמונה באבן" - תש"ח-תשכ"ז - 1948-1967 - ירושלים
צעדת ארבעת הימים אל ירושלים
תמונות מארכיון העיר תש"ח-תשכ"ז

סמל "עדן" החברה לפיתוח מרכז ירושלים
סמל הרשות לפיתוח ירושלים
סמל העיר ירושלים
סמל מינהל קהילתי לב העיר - ירושלים

Symbol of the "Photograph in Stone" project - 1948-1967 - Jerusalem
Four-day march to Jerusalem
Photographs from the Jerusalem Municipal Archives 1948-1967

Symbol of "Eden", the company for the development of the center of Jerusalem
Symbol of the Jerusalem Development Authority
The emblem of the city of Jerusalem
Symbol of the Lev Ha’ir Community Administration - Jerusalem

[לוח 2]
יְרוּשָׁלַיִם 1967
יְרוּשָׁלַיִם נְמוּכָה וּכְפוּפָה בֵּין הָרֶיהָ שֶׁלּא כִּנְיוּ-יוֹרְק, לְמָשָׁל.
לִפְנֵי אַלְפַּיִם שָׁנָה הִתְכּוֹפְפָה לְעֶמְדַּת-זִנּוּק נִפְלָאָה.
כָּל הֶעָרִים הָאֲחֵרוֹת יָצְאוּ לְסִבּוּבִים גְדוֹלִים בְּזִירַת הַזְמַן, נִצְחוּ אוֹ נֻצְחוּ וָמֵתוּ.
יְרוּשָׁלַיִם נִשְׁאֲרָה בִּכְפִיפַת-זִנּוּק:
כָּל הַנִצְחוֹנוֹת קְפוּצִים בָּה וַחֲבוּיִים בָּהּ. כָּל הַמַּפָּלוֹת.
כּחָה גְדֶל וּנְשִׁימָתָה שְׁקֵטָה
לְמֵרוֹץ אַף אֶל מִחוּץ לַזִירָה.
[תתימתו של של יהודה עמיחי]

[Board 2]
Jerusalem 1967
Jerusalem is short and crouched among its hills,
Unlike New York, for example.
Two thousand years ago she crouched
In the starting-line position.
All the other cities went out, for long
Laps in the arena of time, they won or lost,
And died. Jerusalem remained in the starting-crouch:
All the victories are clenched inside her
Hidden inside her. All the defeats.
Her strength grows and her breathing is calm
For a race even beyond the arena.

Transiated by Y. A & Ted Hughes

[בשאר הלוחות מוצגות תמונות המפורטות בחלק ההערות]
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A sign belonging to the "Photograph in Stone" series. In this series, which is located mainly in the center of Jerusalem, historical buildings, prominent figures in the city’s history and more are commemorated.

The Four Days March was a popular event held annually in April from 1955-1967. The march, which began as an initiative of the IDF, was attended by civilian and military groups as well as participants from foreign countries. Every night, the marchers camped at a point on the track.
The march was a major event in the life of the city of Jerusalem, and of Israel, reports of the march were broadcast on radio stations, delegations of various companies marched with special costumes, music and dances. At the end of the march the winning groups were announced.

In the following pictures, the parts of the board are enlarged
Board 1 Click for a larger image

Board 2
[Top image]
The oldest marcher and his companions, behind them the young trees of the Jerusalem Forest
Photographer: Photo Ross 1961

[Bottom image]
Arab marchers from the Galilee at the entrance to Jerusalem
Photographer: P, Shlesinger 1959
Click for a larger image

Board 3
Milk for the marchers
Photographer: Photo Ross 1961
Click for a larger image

Board 4
Details of the images starting from the top right image and clockwise
Group of blind marchers in the city’s streets
Photographer: P, Shlesinger 1961

Marchers from Kibbutz Nir-Am
Photographer: P, Shlesinger 1959

Arab youth from the Galilee
Photographer: P, Shlesinger 1959

Group of marchers from Holland
Photographer: P, Shlesinger 1959

Parking lot in Ein Karem where marchers congregated and rested before entering the city
Photographer: Photo Ross 1961

Dais of honor at the march, encircled by dancers
Photographer: Photo Ross 1965
Click for a larger image

Board 5
Soldiers marching through the streets at the end of the march
Photographer: P, Shlesinger 1959
Click for a larger image

Above this board is a board in a similar format that summarizes the IDF marches in Jerusalem Click for sign's details

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