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Sign: Holon - Hosmasa - Davidka

David Elazar St 53, Holon, Israel
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On the sign:
מרגמה שהומצאה ויוצרה בימי מלחמת העצמאות על ידי דוד לייבוביץ, מורה במקווה ישראל (התגורר בחולון)
נסיונות ההפעלה הראשונים נערכו בחשאי כאן בחולות ’חוסמסה’.
לראשונה השתמשו לוחמי ’ההגנה’ בדוידקה בהתקפה על אבו כביר ביפו ב-13 במרץ 1948.
ה’דוידקה’ סייעה רבות ללוחמי ’ההגנה’ בקרבות בצפת ובירושלים
משקל הפגז היה כ-40 ק"ג.
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The mortar was photographed that day Click for a larger image

This exhibit is one of the exhibits located in the courtyard of the "Hosmasa" site in Holon Click for sign's details

The house where the inventor of the Davidka lived - David Leibowitz (after whom the mortar is named) is defined as a heritage site in Israel Click for sign's details

The place where the Davidka was designed, and more details about the inventor, can be found on the next page from the workshop at Mikve Israel where it was developed and manufactured Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:

A mortar invented and made during the War of Independence by David Leibowitz, a teacher at Mikve Israel (lived in Holon)
The first activation attempts were made secretly here in the ’Hosmasa’ sands.
The Haganah fighters first used Davidka in the attack on Abu Kabir in Jaffa on March 13, 1948.
The Davidka greatly assisted the Haganah fighters in the battles of Safed and Jerusalem
The weight of the shell was about 40 kg.

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