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Sign: Wingate night - Commemoration of Underground Movements in Tel Aviv

Brakha Fuld St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל העיר תל אביב
עיריית תל אביב יפו

"ליל וינגייט"
בליל 25 במרץ 1946, נערכה "ההגנה", צבא המדינה בדרך, וכוח המחץ שלה הפלמ"ח, להעלאת מעפילי האוניה "וינגייט".
בקרב של הכוח אשר חסם את דרכי הגישה של הבריטים לעבר חוף הים, נפלה
ברכה פולד.
האוניה נלכדה ע"י הצי הבריטי בחותרה לחוף.

סמל העיר תל אביב
סמל ההגנה

On the night of 25 March 1946, as the illegal immigrant ship S. S. Wingate was nearing Tel Aviv, the Hagana, with Palmach fighters, engaged British troops at this spot to prevent them from reaching the coast. In the battle, Bracha Fuld was killed.
The ship was caught by the Royal Navy.
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The sign is rectangular but its head is designed according to the emblem of the city of Tel Aviv

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The sign is on a street named after Bracha Fuld, whose fall in the war is described by the sign, see also the photo Fuld by the same photographer that day. The street sign also describes her fall in battle:
Bracha Fuld St.
Palmach fighter killed by British soldiers, in action on the night of the 21st of Adar (23.03.46)
Known since then as "Wingate Night".
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A sign placed on the occasion of Women’s Week in Tel Aviv 2022, tells the story of Bracha Fuld Click for sign's details

Translation of the text on the sign:
The emblem of the city of Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality

The emblem of the city of Tel Aviv
The emblem of the Haganah organization

The rest of the Hebrew text is translated to English on the sign

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