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Sign: A raid to seize money by the Lehi - Commemoration of Underground Movements in Tel Aviv

Allenby St 103, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:
סמל העיר תל אביב
עיריית תל אביב יפו

במקום זה ביצעה מחתרת לח"י ביום י"ב בתשרי תש"ח (26.9.1947) פעולה לתפיסת כסף למימון פעולותיה.
מפקד הפעולה
יעקב גרנק (דב)
פרק את מקלעו של השוטר הבריטי שישב במשוריין שחנה בפתח הבנק.
גרנק ירה לעבר משוריין שני שהתקרב מכיוון רחוב אחד העם כשהוא מחפה על הלוחמים הנסוגים כשחלק מהשלל בידיהם.

סמל העיר תל אביב
סמל הלח"י

At this site, on 26.9.1947, the Lehi underground conducted a raid to seize cash needed to finance its operations.
The commander of the operation,
Yaakov Granek (Dov),
disarmed the British policeman who was sitting in an armored vehicle parked in front of the bank.
Granek then shot at another armored vehicle that approached from the direction of Ahad Ha’am Street, thereby providing cover for his comrades who were retreating with some of the loot in their hands.
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The sign is rectangular but its head is designed according to the emblem of the city of Tel Aviv

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It is interesting that even today there is a bank branch (Mercantile) in the same place, as you can see in the picture taken that day Click for a larger image

Translation of the text on the sign:
The emblem of the city of Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality

The emblem of the city of Tel Aviv
The emblem of the Lehi organization

The rest of the Hebrew text is translated to English on the sign

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