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The wine industry started from the first days of mankind. Findings on the preparation of wine were discovered as early as the sixth millennium BC. Wine about which it is said "And wine that maketh glad the heart of man" (Psalms 104), also appears many times in the Bible, starting with Noah who, after being saved from the flood, drank until he was drunk, through Lot from whom the phrase "drunk as Lot" (drunk as a skunk) is derived and many more.

The wine is usually made from grapes grown in vineyards , in the Land of Israel there are historical evidences of ancient vineyards .

After the grape harvest, they produced juice from the grapes by treading them in a press , after allowing the liquid to ferment (something that would have happened by itself as a result of the yeast on the grape skin), a process in which the sugar turns into alcohol. After this step, the liquids are kept for aging in barrels or pottery.

In the modern process that exists today, after the harvest, a process of separation and sorting is done in which they make sure that only the selected grapes are used for wine production, and branches, leaves, etc. are also removed. The grapes are transferred to a crushing machine (crusher) where the grape skin is broken and the juice comes out (an action parallel to the stomping action that was practiced in ancient times, which was sometimes done by stepping on the grapes with the feet). The liquid (known as must) is transferred to fermentation tanks, where the sugar in the grapes turns into alcohol. The must goes through additional processes of squeezing and fermentation, and is transferred to barrels for aging which improves the wine and its quality.
After it has been in the barrels, the bottling phase takes place where the wine is poured into bottles and from there to the points of sale.

All operations apart from the harvest are done at the winery , ,

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