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Sign: Tel Aviv - Sarona complex - Bowling alley

Aluf Albert Mendler St 6, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel
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On the sign:
Horst Blaich, Albert Blaich Family Archive, Australia: Otto Venus family collection

Bowling alley
מבנה הכדורת (באולינג)
مبنى البولينج

בגינת בית כריסטיאן קיבלר (Kübler) היה בית מרזח שבחצרו מסלול למשחק הכדורת (באולינג, בגרמנית: Kegelbahn). גברי המושבה ואורחיהם נהגו להיפגש ולשחק יחדיו במבנה המוארך שלא היה מקורה עד 1932, ואילו הנשים פקדו את המקום בימי ראשון אחר הצהריים ובאירועים חברתיים. המבנה נהרס ושוחזר במסגרת עבודות השימור בשנת 2013.

In the garden of Christian Küblers house was a bar (Küblers Bar); there was also a bowling alley (in German, Kegelbahn) on the property. The men of the colony and their guests would typically meet and play together in the elongated structure, which was visible until 1932, while the women visited the place on Sunday afternoons and at social events. The structure was destroyed and restored in the preservation work in 2013.

كانت حديقة بيت كريستيان كوبلر تتضمن حانة أنشئ في ساحتها ملعب بولينج. وكان رجال المستعمرة وضيوفهم يلتقون ليلعبوا سوية في المبنى المستطيل الذي ظل بدون سقف حتى سنة ١٩٣٢، فيما كانت السيدات يزرن المكان عصر أيام الأحد وفي المناسبات الاجتماعية. وتم هدم المبنى وإعادة بنائه في إطار أعمال حفظ سارونا سنة ٢٠١٣.

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The bowling alley structure was photographed on the same day Click for a larger image Click for a larger image

On the building are additional signs describing the game:
Pin-boy role:
A pin boy has an important role in the bowling game: to put the pins in their fixed place very quickly. send bowling balls back to the beginning of the track. Watch carefully that you don’t get hit by the bowling balls. To leave the bowling lane when throwing the ball.
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[Sarona complex symbol]
[branding symbol of the city of Tel Aviv]

The open bowling alley in Sarona

The ten pins are arranged at the end of the track and knocking them down is done by rolling a ball towards them, an accurate and strong roll will knock down the pins. The aim of the game is to score maximum points by knocking down the most pins

Basic concepts of the game
Pins - there are 10 pins arranged in a pyramid shape facing the thrower, i.e. one pin at the top, two pins below it, three after them and so on.
Game - includes 10 frames.
Frame - includes 2 shots to knock down the most pins
Strike - knocking down all the pins in the first shot of the game, earns an extra score
Spare - knocking down all the pins on the second shot in the game, earns an extra score
Double strike - 2 consecutive strikes
Triple strike - 3 consecutive strikes
Square strike - 4 consecutive strikes

The scoring system in the game
For each handled pin you get one point.
On a spare and a strike, you get an extra score as follows.
Spare - earns an addition that includes the number of pins knocked down in the next shot after this game, i.e. doubles it.
Strike - earns extra points which includes the number of pins knocked down in the next two shots after this frame.
For example, if in the two shots after the strike 5 and 3 pins were knocked down respectively, then the player will win 10 points for the strike, 8 for the two shots and another 8 bonus points - a total of 26 points

The maximum points you can score in bowling is 300.

In order to achieve this, you must win a strike in all the strokes in the game.

The bowling alley is public property, keep it in order!
For information and training, please contact the information center on Albert Mandler Street Phone: 03-6049634 |
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[Sarona complex symbol]
[branding symbol of the city of Tel Aviv]

The cone game in Sarona
SARONA: Kegelbahn - Skittle - Bowling

[first row - right to left]
Residents of Sarona near the bowling alley in 1915 or so
Advertisement in the directory "All Land of Israel" 1926
Christian Kibler and friends in the yard near the open bowling alley in 1928

[Second row - from right to left]
The Christian Kübler house and the entrance to the beer and wine pub
Advertisement for an application for a license to sell alcohol by Christian Kübler for 1936 (from the Palestine Post)

[third line]
"There were no paved roads for hiking. Those who wanted to hike had to cross the sands to the seashore, or take the rickety, dusty and hot "road" to the German colony of Sharon. A place where one could find a bottle of beer in a cozy little inn as well as hearty food, also a track for the cone game was in Sarona, and the German consul would often invite me to visit this game place."

Arthur Rupin on the game of cones during his visits to Sarona in the years 1908-1914, from the book ’Chapters of my life’
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QR code Templar Bowling in Sharona

The tavern of Christian Kübler mentioned on a plaque is commemorated on a separate plaque Click for sign's details

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