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Sign: Tel Aviv - Trumpeldor Cemetery - The grave of Haim Nachman Bialik and Mania Bialik

Hovevei Tsiyon St 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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On the sign:

מאניה ביאליק
רעית המשורר ח.נ. ביאליק
כ"ה כסלו תרל"ו - ב’ תשרי תשל"ג

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On the side of the headstone are the years of Bialik’s life, as you can see in the following photo taken that day by the same photographer
י טבת תרל"ג
כ"א תמוז תרצ"ד

9 January 1873
4 July 1934
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In the next photo taken a few days later by the same photographer, the tombstone next to that of Mania Bialik appears. This is the tombstone of Shevah Auerbuch - Mania’s father and Chaya Leah Auerbuch (who was probably Mania’s mother). (The three headstones are adjacent and form a stepped structure: Bialik, his wife and her parents)
שבח אוירבוך - - חיה לאה אוירבוך
ט"ז אדר א’ תש"ו - כ"ד אדר א’ תרצ"ב

Shevah Auerbuch - Haya Leah Auerbuch
16 February 1946 - 2 March 1932..
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The stepped structure of the three tombstones was photographed by the same photographer Click for a larger image

Translation of the text on the sign:
H.N. Bialik

Mania Bialik
Wife of the poet H.N. Bialik
11 December 1876 - 10 September 1972

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